New Tamil Song Release

Folks, my next Tamil song written by Udhaya and sung by Suren is available now for free down load in my website. Please feel free to download and please pass across this information to your friends and family.

This song was composed for prewritten lyrics. I have been bugging Udhaya for quite some time to write songs with a punk rock flavor. I call it CurryRock tm. I felt such musical emotions are very rare in Tamil light music world.

Udhaya at once answered my call and sent me the words at once. When I read the chorus lines for the first time, believe it or not, the tune started to appear right away in my head. Basically, anything you do with music, the words are the soul for inspiration. If the words are weak, it takes time to compose however if the words are powerful, the entire score seems to evolve automatically. Quickly every part fell into its place.

When I Audition someone apart from singing with proper pitch/key there is one more layer that I look for in every singer I audition. The singer should be able to convey the emotion in the words and in the score. I have come across singers who sing in perfect pitch. They focus so much to align their pitch however in this process they tend to miss the emotion completely, their singing ends up dry. Bottom line, I prefer working with singers with tons of emotions. Suren is one such singer in my neck of the woods, Baltimore MD.; he did a neat job in singing this track for me. I also chipped in high pitched backing vocals in few places.
Finally, when ever you cook something new you need a good taster standing next to you. Thanks to Sridhar Seetharaman [NJ] for sitting with me during serious composing sessions.

So with all this "hype" in mind, Please visit my website and download this song and please send me a feed back. Frankly, the feed back is the only thing that helps me boost my morale to compose more.