A Late Review Shock

Few weeks ago I watched a great movie! [Drum roll please] “SHOCK” in 6.1 DTS.

The simple one line time saver review for this movie will be “please replace HO with an "U" and add S at the end”.

The man of the movie award goes to Mr. Thayagarajan[ the producer, the spender, the director, the decision maker, the screw-up party leader etc] When compared with his acting, the Star Wars fame R2D2 had better expressions than him. In fact R2D2 used to beep 2 different frequencies that simulated a speech like pattern. In Mr. Thyagu’s case he was so pathetic his voice and dialogue delivery was worse than a Chinese dubbing movie.

I read some where that he had challenged people to watch this movie alone, he would pay Rs 50,000. I thought I can get this money, however I am sure now I would never want to do it, not because of the horror story line etc in the movie, I felt the scariest part in the movie was him. It is too dreadful to Watch him and hear his dialogue delivery all alone. I really don’t know why there was no soul during the post production to pinpoint this meticulous crap. I would rename the movie as “Shocking Thyagu” [a.k.a “The Malai oor spade” part 3] instead.

There was a punk rock like dressed/face painted female who appears as the dead ghost. She haunts another one of its kind. The story is very simple. Prashanth, the newly married hero [to Meena] finds a new home which is haunted. The ghost makes appearances to Meena to take revenge on someone. Meena along with the audience becomes hysteric for rest of the movie. Prashanth seeks medical help [I wish he had taken his dad along]; the Doctors prognosis confirms a medical condition called “dual personality”. It does not help to resolve this problem. She is still haunted. Hence our hero follows the great advice of his house maid who has very bizarre set of mannerisms that is just to create a decoy. He seeks the help of a psychic/Medium. Our robot police guy with a weird accent and no expression investigates. After setting up few decoys, the real murder is someone from outside. the ghost talks and gets the truth out in front of entire movie cast. Finally, ABBAZ gets punished [don't dare to ask me where he came from]. The only good part in this movie is “Abbaz does not have any tongue twisting dialogues like ” machi” “mamu” “poda” etc. Tamil Language narrowly escapes unhurt.

That’s it I have no patience to write further about this ghostly crap.
Please do a good deed to your future generations. Get a white stone and engrave a note “DON’T WATCH THE CRAP CALLED SHOCK THE MOVIE” and put it some where in the attic of your house. This will make sure that your next 10-20 generations will never watch this movie even by mistake.

Yesterday I watched the Tsunami Benefit Cricket at the MCG. At the end of the day the money colleted stood some where near $15 million. It was good game to watch for a good cause. Dish network had also announced all the proceeds would go to the noble cause. Though ICC calls it to be an official one day I do not want to comment much about the game, every run scored earned $1000 and every six earned $50,000. Sehwag and Gilchrist made merry. So did Dravid and Pointing. Asian Eleven lost the game by 100+ runs.

On the follow-up on the interview, the person name was Guhan, he owns an online employment site in India. He made such reckless statements just to market about job openings in India. NRI investments today stands very high and Indian foreign exchange levels are quit high. With all this good things from NRIs, we are still painted with the black mark of being part of something called brain drain. If you see it in a positive way, at least people back home people accept that we have brains. Thanks.