Yesteday Evening after work.,

Yesterday, I went back home and was taken back, Sun TV pumped in special programs for Republic day. I stepped in at about 6.45pm [EST]. A quiz competition among school kids Wow! Sun TV and good programming was an oxymoron however since I had no other “removing” work [aka. kazatara vellai], I decided to watch TV.

There was Team A, Team B, Team C and so on until Team H. Seriously I have never seen a Quiz show with more than 4 teams. Here it was different, 8 teams with 3 members in each, more or less like a round examination hall. The quiz master must be thanking god, he was sitting; else he would need an auto to come back to his home base after every round. Each team was provided with a 15inch CRT monitor, while the quiz master was given a flat panel.

My wife told me that Quiz master was Abi’s Ex-husband. Oh! Now I see why Abi divorced him. Basically this guy could talk only from a script; he cannot talk directly of his head. A quiz master is often seen extempore; here it looked like he was waiting for a prompting voice to appear, which he would then simple repeat along with the prompter. Bayangara bore.

Sun TV continuing their love and affection towards cinema, opted to show movies clips in the quiz, poor kids expecting something more academic were seen blinking for most questions. Also there were some easy questions which the kids failed. Where was the salt Satyagraha held in Tamil Nadu?, most kids told “no idea”. The quick fire round was a mockery , but the most stupid round was the clue round, it seems this guy will give 3 clues for a question, points will reduce as the clue increases. But the poor kid had only once chance to answer. In First place kids needs to give an answer loud in order get evaluated, if it is wrong they can go for more clues. But they get only 1 chance to answer. Totally Bizarre! A very poor QUIZ show, I think it is better for Sun TV to stick to “kokarako gumango” themes. However I don’t want to take away anything from the kids, they did quite well and they took it very seriously.

But after this entire quiz blitz, came the movie, drum roll please…a movie called “Dud” oops Red, featuring Ajith and many other people who would not have seen the camera after this movie. I am tired of using the word “Crap”, is there any other word for this movie, yes “RED”. From today, we have new set of Positive, Comparative and Superlative in English, Crap – Craptaculor – RED. People, from now “Red the movie” shall be a Superlative adjective.

Ajith had a new look - shaved head and giant size Red “kungumam” it was more or less a Equator that ran across his fore head. Some in USA might confuse him with a Stop Sign. I felt only the “kodali” was missing; else his make up would work perfectly for a Parasuramer getup, Mr. Ram Anandji should make a note of it.Ajith’s pronunciation was quite comical. Hear him say the word “Lovely” next time. Anyways, when a 10 pound feather weight Sullan or Kullan can kick people 200 times heaver than him, why not Ajith? Like other top action hero’s Ajith makes sure he ridicules the law of aero dynamics, law of physics, chemistry, botany, history, geography, PT etc. Once he just bends a 20x10 dagger with his hand. I doubt if we could even do this with a hammer.

An Anecdote,in the classic MGR thriller Idyakkani?, MGR and Thenga Srini goes in foreigner disguise to the enemy hide out on a speed boat. They introduce themselves as Mr. Red and Mr. Black. Anyway, the movie reaches its height when Ajith gives an expansion to the word RED – Revolution, Education and Development. That’s it my Hitachi TV turned itself off and went into deep hibernation mode. I never saw the completion of the movie “RED”.