Mac Mini

Following their great success on IPODS, Apple has come out with their brand new gizmo, “the Mac mini”. It seems Apple’s goal is to get more people to use Mac.

Seriously! Apple Mac has some phenomenal user interface and system stability. The price is the main culprit that drives away customers. Usually when you configure a serious Apple Mac with all the power components included the price range will be something that you can trade in a new BMW 5 series in exchange.

Today PCs are very cheap and affordable; hence getting PC people to the Mac world is kind of tough. Keeping this mind, Apple surprisingly has set a price tag of $499 for Mac mini. I was shocked. I decided to check this out at once. There were many surprises. The best feature that matched the advertisement [“WYSIWYG”] was the size. The Mini Mac looked similar to a dot NET/C# book from Wrox publications. A petite 2-inch tall 6.5-inch square, reminded me of my favorite witty cartoon pal Mr. Square Pants. I was thrilled by the look and feel.My decision to cross over was round the corner, exactly like Apple had wanted.

But! There is always a catch [in this case caught and bowled]. This is a computer oops! A Mac that is being sold without the most essential peripherals of today’s computing world. The Mini Mac does not include a mouse, keyboard and the monitor. Pc world calls it a “Bare PC”. This so called tiny wonder comes with 256 MB ram, a slow hard drives often found on Notebooks, 32 MB of video memory and few standard ports. That’s it.

In short, it was a pizza base with little sauce painted on it. Toppings are not standard. The sticker price for this bare Mac was $499. However! You are welcome to choose your prefered toppings but that is going to increase the pizza oops Mac Mini’s price so much that you might end up going for a second mortgage. A decent Apple Mini configuration [as per today’s standard] will cost you in the range of $2000. For the same price, you can get a Windows Box with some real power from Dell. Yes! Windows box will not look cute! But who cares, of course I hear "Mac owners do”. The pity is they've been sold the emperors new clothes once again.

I also don’t understand the fuss over this price mark down in the Mac world. Frankly this so called mark down will do nothing to attract the PC people. How can Mac consider this mini minus the essentials components to be a cross over bridge?

Yes I hear Mac owners will claim about the stability, but being in the PC world for more than 14 years now, I will say multimedia power has improved on the other side also. These days all the major Multimedia software have Windows version. They work perfectly under windows.

Of course I cannot stop the Apple lovers to assume Apple Mini to be another “Wisdom Fruit” [Gana pazam] from its makers. All the adherent Apple Mac fans will be very happy about Mini Mac; they will continue their appreciation one more time for the brand new cloths for their emperor. I jokingly told the sale man I would have got this Mini Mac at least it they had kept a hidden compartment to store my lunch and snacks.I guess it was too much to ask, they don’t have even the computer essential how will they care for my daily essentials.

Wish you all a very happy Pongal.

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