It is after all a....

People, God sends us indirect messages in our life every day. But we tend to miss most of them, thanks to rapid commercialization by the manufacturing world. It is getting insane day by day. They are trying to exploit your daily needs. I see you are confused by now, you are thinking what the hell I am talking about; Ok, here it is, I am taking about shaving blades.

Life was very easy when we had standard razor blade with 2 opposite edges. A box full of it was less than a dollar. A simple holder will open and we place the blade on it. That’s it. This did the job quite well. These standard blades had additional uses, it can sharpen pencils, open sealed boxes, draw doodles on Electric trains, school rest rooms, this also created a well known slang to denote people like me, [SrikanthA avan sema “blade” machi].

This multipurpose work horse came with a very small price tag. An average adult in 80’s [not the T.Rajendar kind] spent something less than Rs 5.00 for their shaving razor. Life was simple for the consumer.

Soon, the blade-people wanted a performance review, only way to get a pay hike is increase their profits, the Razor manufactures planned on a major conspiracy to increase their profits. It worked and it is working for so many years now. What was this plan?

Eureka! One “Razologist” said hey why don’t we invent a single sided razor? So that people don’t get one side for free. And seeing humans becoming lazy to wash their old shaving blades, they added the disposable tag to it, meaning it came with a ready made handle, the blade was molded to the Handle. Bottom line, a multipurpose tool whose life time was about 1 week of shaving and 1 week for domestic tasks was cut short to 2 days, poor thing was thrown out for recycle in the name of hygiene.

As expected people fell for it, the single edged razor made some money, but very soon another Razo geek added the second edge that they took out from the previous and gave the world the twin razor shaving blade, the poor old razor was broken into 2 and placed one below another.

Yes, People fell for it again, most men, thinking that a super model would show up from some where in the elevator to touch and feel their 2x2 rectangle face went for it right away. The cost of this twin was triple to its predecessors.

But the “Bladiacs” [like Maniacs] thought this was not enough, there was scope to make more money, they came up with another rip off, this time the twins became triplets but to make it more effective they added fancy words like Titanium, Molybdenum Francium as its prefix. Most who shaved with this had no idea what elements have to do with shaving. They just know these fancy names came from their chemistry teacher’s periodic tables. Hence it must be something scientific. They flocked stores like Costco and Sam club which sold them in bulk and got the big giant size boxes and displayed them proudly. Mind it; “all the versions do exactly the same work”

I am really wondering why we need so much selection for a product that does the same work as its pervious versions, with a very high price tag. It is a clear rip off.
After all this rip off for so many years, as if this was not enough, yesterday, I saw a commercial, yes you guessed it, they introduced a razor with 4 titanium edges in them. What else to say, the Bladiacs” are attacking once again.

People! Do not fall for them this time, trust me if you cannot shave with twin or triplet, the foursome is not going to do anything, still if you feel you need this, hey! it is about time to get a lawnmower instead.