Chandramuki , Movie Review.

ChandraMuki, I drove about 250 miles to watch this movie, reason, the theater they showed this movie had proper sound system that can cater DTS 5.1 , my trip was never a disappointment. When it comes to entertainment values and carefree enjoyment Rajanee Rocks! , yes here too Rajinee comes good and the movie was real fun. Chandramuki is destined be a hit, will make money and also make Rajinee fans like me to gloat about it for next few months at least.

When you watch a movie by super star’s, the mood set is totally different, 3 hours of entertainment is assured. For a common man like me Chandramuki fulfilled this aspect very well. It seems this movie was adapted from a Malayalam script, I have never seen the Malayalam version and I am sure I will not see it because CM worked out better to my taste of entertainment.

The best parts of the movie I liked was “லகலகலகலகா” Man, Rajinee with the tyrant king’s disguise, the way he walks and his mannerism are out of the world, In fact really a cool dude looking villain. I was stunned by the expressions he produced during this episode, the sudden move to chop the head of the illicit lover of Chandramuki is something to watch, CG works well. In my opinion it simply rocks. I kept saying [லகலகலகலகா]“lagalagalga” rest of the weekend. Along with my fellow Rajinee fans, I clapped every time when I heard the word Super! And I did not miss my chance to scold Nazer with bad words when he dares and slaps Rajinee.

Songs, Every song in the movie has been done well with most of Rajinee elements well in place. Devuda Devuda is a pumping song that is going to be heard for some time. I liked the duet between Rajinee and Nayanthara, in which an olive green costume of Rajnee and Nayanthara Wow! who does their wardrobe. Very smart looking costumes and color combinations. Thanks to the director for every color combination on the screen they were really pleasing. In spite of poor singing by Asha, I liked this song which was shot around out skirts of Istanbul.

Vadivelu rock with spontaneous humor and slap sticks. When the “ghost hunter” renders some so called cast which contains the word Holi, Vadivelu reacts to this quite well. The scenes where Rajinee and Vadivelu meets is simply a laugh riot however at times it goes towards double meaning affair. Super Star has fans at different Age range I wish he could avoided those double talks.

Jothika, her big round set of “eyes” helps her to produce some immense expressions, good work by P.Vasu to get those expressions. She took over the climax, some of our friends in the next few rows where commenting and making fun on this climax, fine! They are here to have fun, but soon the intensity created by Jothika shut them down and they closed all their natural openings, they were seen engrossed in the movie. Prabhu’s crying scene deserves an edit, everyone laughed for this, which includes the projector operator also; mind it operator was an American.

The low point in the Malayalam script was when Rajnee explains the full plot, it was more like Sherlock Holmes talking about a plot, it works for Malayalam movie, because they don’t care much for Screen Visuals. In Tamil we care, I wish they had used more action visuals to explain it. However they seemed to have tried a new method on the Flash backs, like Rajnee walking around the actual flashback screen, something like Chris Burmen & co walking and explaining NFL plays on ESPN.

Do you know that there were only 2 fights in the movie, I felt they could have removed it fully, however there is no Director yet who would be bold enough to give a Rajinee movie without a fight.

Few complained to me that Saravanan was way behind Annamalai or BadhSha in mannerisms and actions. But I feel after a 30 years of SPM formulae I think Rajinee has given a great movie spun around a nice little story for his fans. This contains every element of entertainment. And my technical “nitpicks” and “expectations” on the sound quality, yes DTS has been used properly with background music and sound effects traveling around you. Some elites told me Chandramuki was better than Baba. Let me tell you a bold truth, I did like BABA the movie, it had the entertainment values that I look for from Rajinee. Also pssst BABA was any day better than Alavandhan right!. [wink wink]

Chandramuki, a must see. It is worth $12.00 I paid for it in fact I would not hesitate to pay even $20 to watch his movie. It is being shown in DC area this week end and of course! REPEATUUUU, I will go for it the second time ...! And I will get the DVD as soon as it out.