Movies I watched recently

I watched 2 movies in about 3 days now, and both the movies raced among themselves quite well to waste my other wise idle time. We hear international cricketers often brag about the Indian team and pass esteemed comment like “Indian team deserves a better ranking” and “have the potential do better” etc, like wise I like to brag one thing about the heroes in the both the movies. Both of them are talented artists but will not hesitate to dump their skill set to the movie masala. Yes I am talking about Arjun and Danush. The 1st movie I watched was Giri, I am very sorry it was simply 175 minutes of bull. The story and the script for Giri can be written on a finger nail. It is up to you to choose the finger, most would choose the middle finger. It is a story about a samurai, who tries to protect his masters. Yes like every movie of our times we have 2 rich families in a racially divided village full of thugs. At the start the first big guy begs the second one [“SerrRRRrruapala adipen” fame] Vennu Chakaravarty, [another very good talent wasted] to take care of his sons who are wanted by the police. But someone in the second gang double crosses; hence they “fully grown” kids kill themselves before being caught by police. Yes! Yet another movie where our police treaded as mere pedestrians. So you know the rest of the story, Vennu packs his son along with the loyal employee’s son to some unknown village, but the villain finds it and comes after them, they split, both the kids are lost. You would guess the rest in about 2 minutes from now. The few good aspects were stunt coordination and proper CG usage. Arjun should divert his effort towards proper script. I wish he works the same to get the script straight. Music D.Iman I did watch 2 songs without skipping after pallavi.

Next movie, Devathaiyai Kandan, Danush, poor guy, must have accepted this long time ago to full his commitments. I wish he does not act in such weak movies that too with a cheap comedy segment, the so called comedy was crude, rudimentary by any standard. Totally lacked humor, in fact the part in which Danush talks to the gods was much funnier and natural. You need to be really depressed to laugh for Karunas and Co who make merry by wasting about 1000 feet of film. The story, a guy sues over his failed love. The girl withdraws her consent hence he takes her to the court. For this script, a screen play of more than 30 minutes will be an over kill. The story sounded very absurd, it is about breaches of trust, Judge [my name sake] allows this and we have about 4000 feet of Court dialogues that puts most to sleep. Finally when the gal accepts the proposal Danush says good bye to her, it seems he wanted to prevent similar incidents in the future.Dam!, in that case I also learnt a lesson never get movies like this in future and waste time by Bloging about it.

What else, hang over is still around in me for Anniyan songs, I tried again couple of times now to get some good points about the album. NOP my review is well intact; may be the CD can change my opinion; Few have quoted lots of old songs and new song influences. Yes! may be copied, but I am very careful in this second guessing game. I do believe “2 composers can think the same”. But at the same I agree there are blunt copies for example Yuvan Shanker lifted the Corrs song Runaway for “Nejodu kalanthidhu” - 7G Ioooo colony [reading this word in tamil would sound too rude]. YSR managed to convince Selvarangan who let him import the violin prelude/Hooks from the song called Runaway for his pallavi. You can watch the song video in Yahoo music section. Search for Corrs+Runaway.

Anyways, before speculating more on Anniyan effort I would wait for the CD, movie should be released in May, may be songs worked for the video until then let me play the waiting game.

Good day.