My Bloglogue April 6th 2005

Do you know the news, get a paper towel you might puke when you hear it. I was about to when I heard about it, “Ajith Agarkar” somehow found his way back into the Indian team. There is a Gretel [sister of Hansel] for him in the selection committee who drops pebbles to guide him back into the team. Balaji was declared injured, seriously Irfan is about a million times better than Agarkar and there are other bowlers in waiting list with better merits than Agarkar. I really don’t know who pushes for a mediocre player like Agarkar. I thought the roach has been exterminated.

Pakistan team insured for 20 million rupees for the 4th one day to be held in Ahmedabad. More than 15,000 police and army personals to be deployed to prevent trouble; is this necessary? To play a game in sensitive areas, anyway Indians played in Karachi so why not Pakistanis play in Ahmedabad. I wish things go smoothly here. India is not a banana nation and we should set an example to the world. This is a sport and should be treated as Sport.

Dhoni Factor, I was bit upset when the selectors dropped Dinesh Karthick; however at least for now, Dhoni’s selection proved that he is worth the money. I also feel India should go with the newly discovered batting lineup - Sachin, Sehwag, Dhoni, Ganguly, Dravid and so on. We have to find a “real” all rounder instead of “Agarkar”; after all we have not found another Kapil Dev. It is about time to find one.

I read few Tamil Blogs that seems to have a perpetual Sachin abusing habit coated with a liberal standing in the middle attitude. They seem to enjoy this crude form of happiness when they see Sachin or Gangully fall cheaply. Few were magnanimous enough to call Sachin and Gangully has "Pazam perusugal Putacase", what’s wrong? You might ask, Yes everyone has their opinion I agree, but I feel it is pity to see people have a very short term cricket memory.

In fact in my opinion, the 5 wickets Sachin picked in Kochi saved the match for India. But this was mentioned as “pure luck” yes! Inzi’s wicket was sheer luck, and Sachin took 5 wickets on the same ground when he played last, yeh! Coincidence, Duh! What can we say? The one writer goes further to prove his cheap taste when he describes the wickets of Sachin and Gangully etc. Halo! Please take the past 15 one day matches and check Sachin’s record. Let us forget his batting average for a moment, but his Strike rate! Don’t you feel that his strike sends a message to a new ball bowler?

In the same game Dravid slowed down significantly when he was nearing his 50. I do not know how many noted this, I did. But did not care much about it; these small things should not come in my way to appreciate a genuine cricketer. Dravid, yes he is in his top form now, In that case don’t you feel that he could have saved Banglore test. Why did he fail? Where did the so called Savior of India went? One writer adds that he has now added Sehwag into his lists of Mr. Dependable. Remember? My joke about the Responsibility monkey! The Gangully factor, he is about 50 runs away from this 10,000 still there are souls out there singing “hey there shaky shaky”.

I can also provide bunch of statistics to prove facts like Dravid played a dam slow game in the past or Sachin saved India or Sachin failed etc, however not worth my time. Bottom line, this “current” [note it] form of Dravid and Sehwag should not issue a free ticket to ride on Sachin or Gangully. Hey if you don’t want to remember the slow cycling Dravid, welcome! I don’t care about your medical condition, if your long term memory is intact you would know Sachin or for the matter Gangully better and what they have done for India in the past

My point is, if you have really followed cricket without any Bias, the current Indian team composition is the best lineup in these past 3 decades that I have been following cricket. This composition helps “every player” to perform at regular intervals. This should not be tinkered at least till the next world cup.
Ok enough of cricket,

Songs in Mumbai Express are out, it seems it sold much more than expected. I should get the CD in about a week. I heard one song sung which sounded totally sequenced. Any way just another 3 days wait before I get a review out.

Chandramuki should be released on April 14th, there are special shows in New Jersey area. While reading Tamiloviam yesterday, I saw an advertisement banner for Chandramuki on their website. On clicking it I found out that this movie will be screened for 1 whole week in New Jersey. I planned to take a trip to watch the movie. Sure! we will get it in DC also. Last time I went to watch a Rajinee movie on big screen was in Chicago, I was in IOWA during that time.

Good day.