My Bloglogue April 26th 2005

I had taken an oath that I shall not talk about cricket for one full week. I failed! India team might play a triangular tournament in Sri Lanka. Coach Wright after stepping down has made some comments on the selection process. He says our selection methods are totally old fashioned and must under go drastic changes. Why did he not say this before? May be job security, however the point he made makes sense and he is not first to say this, the problem is who will bell the CAT? Nobody, Coach and players will come and go, but BCCI will stick on to this zonal quota system with members from every other time zone, war zone, and ozone will have a chance to push their players regardless of talent.

The music industry in order to make people buy legal music is now experimenting with a makeover to the CD, the latest one Dual Disk, one side plays on a standard CD player as an Audio CD, while the Other Side is a DVD that can be played on a regular DVD player. Yes, the 24bit [Audio/Video/DTS/Dolby 5.1] and 16 bit Audio [Stereo] bundles on the same Disk. Producers can bundle the song video and audio on 2 different sides of single CD.
"Devil & Dust" The new Album from the Boss, Bruce Springsteen was released yesterday in this dual format. These CDs are about $2.00 more than the regular CDs. But users should not mind this surcharge as they would get a full length song Videos with 5.1 Dolby or DTS formats. I wish more albums come out in this format so that music industry can give something more for the price. This album is on sale in Wall Mart for $11.84, hope people welcome this format.

Washington Post reports that ABC has announced that they will be broadcasting a 2 hour special program about the "American Idol". In which they say they will reveal some “starling” things about this contest. American Idol might get into the bad books reason being there were many reports about Corey Clark? He was booted off American Idol couple of shows ago. Reason given was he had some police case under his belt. Clark claims in his book proposal that he had an affair with show judge Paula Abdul, and that she promised to help him pick tunes to sing durduring the competition and to spend millions promoting his career.
Clark is all set release his first album. Washington Post quotes “In its report this week, the Globe, which seems to have the most dope on Clark's book proposal, quotes TV critic Marc Berman saying, "If the charges are true, then this is a huge scandal that could kill 'American Idol.' If a judge and a contestant have an affair, the future of the entire show is in jeopardy." How many watch this program I don’t know, I use to watch for Simon’s remarks, though blunt 9 out 10 times he is dam right on his critique. However for some week I made sure I changed channel as the show became too monotonous and seem to have lost is originality. Yes I hear “it is Fox what else you expect”, who knows soon FOX could come out with a version called “When music producer attacks” or ‘When the Music Judge seduces”.

There was song clip leaked on the web, [Thanks to Ramki for this news], a song from Anniyan sung by G.V.Prakash, might be the same little “kid” [now a teen] who sang the prelude “chikubuku chikubuku railEEE”. He is also the nephew of “my man” A.R.Rahman. Out of curiosity I heard the song on Osai.com I think, on first go nothing impressed me in the track, however it would be too rude on me to comment on a bootleg copy of a speculated song from Anniyan. Hence let me wait to hear the original version before I drop the ball, I still trust Harris and Shankar for their original talent.

Thanks to few who remind me that I am musician first and not a Blogger, Yes I remember I compose music. I will also say that there are few things happening in my music domain. But for now I can only say like Subramaniya Swamy “wait for the Month of August 2005” few things might materialize.

Good day.