My Bloglogue April 25th 2005

Another week! Begins, I managed to watch Chandramuki again over the weekend. I went to the Desi Theater in Fair Fax. First and fore most, why can’t they keep the theater clean? , every row had pop corn to Nachos and cheese left over from previous shows. About a kilo of filth in every row; it was dark and bleakly lit, as many walked over nachos and pop corns left overs . The owners of theater warned that no one should throw papers or anything celebrating Rajnee’s appearance on the screen. It seems it will make the theater dirty, duh! I really don’t know in what way these paper bits will super seed the existing filth of nacho cheese and pop corn already spread across every row in the theater. I don’t want to blame the owners alone here, the fans visiting. Do we all do such things in regular American theaters? Don’t we diligently carry our trash and put it in the bin on our way out? The pity is we make and consume the most number of movies in the world but we don’t have theaters that are suited with common human requirements and culture. And if at all we have one, we don’t want to help in maintaining it. I don’t want to blame all of them, but most of the Theaters I have been are in similar fashion. This is one main reason I avoid going to these Desi-theaters. This is not being superior it is simply common hygiene and being organized. From next movie on, I would wait for the DVD;

What else in the weekend, the dull and most boring show on earth was on TV. Yes NFL draft. Why would anyone other than the players and their family care about this day long program? Why should we know about each and every person who is destined to make about a million a year. I felt this TV coverage for this monotonous program is big waste of time. Any way pundits in ESPN will like it, they are being paid to discuss this bore.

There was a great deal in COMPUSA this weekend, I got a 160 gig Seagate monster hard drive for 55 bucks, [$50 mail in]. Upgraded my system and told a big good bye to XP, wait don’t jump into conclusion, No! Not Linux or UNIX or phoenix [Just added it to keep the rhyme going], I loaded Windows 2003 server. Yeh Yeh “agmark” “hologramed” legal copy. PC is dam stable now [don’t laugh] and works faster than before, until some nerd finds the next security glitch in Windows 2003 in some remote corner of the world. I had XP installed on a 40 gig hard drive. But over a period of 3 years now the hard disk ran out of space, thanks to innumerable patch works from Microsoft. My hard disk had no space further and was running at .00000002 GHZ. Finally! We have some speed.

Do you know that NBA play off has started? Yes on HD too, oh yawn! What is NBA? It is a game where 2 teams try to score points by shooting, or dunking a ball in the basket kept at the opposite side. How long they do this? 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. What do the audiences do? After 1st quarter they forget everything as they would be already in 10th quarter by now. The final quarter decides the winner; just play the 4th quarter and save some TV time.

The Washington Nationals are doing well it seems, it is the new baseball team based out of DC. Though many fans throng to watch the game most told me they never expect them do well, Yes after all they got this team from EBAY right? Truth is they got this team from Canada. Any way, I am not Baseball savvy or “pootu”, I would repeat what Homer Simpson told. Homer gives up his drinking for a month, he acts very sane after this commitment, and he then goes to a baseball game, after 2 pitches he walks out screaming “dam! I just realized how boring this game is”.

Next weekend I think there is an Indian Mela at the fair grounds Gaithersburg, Desi food, music, dance will be highlight. Should go for it and have some good Desi food.

Good day.