Mr.Rogers Cadenhead

Presence of mind added with great sense of humor, this is what came to my mind when I read about Rogers Cadenhead, popular computer book writer and the current owner of the website http://www.benedictxvi.com/. Yes the same title selected by the new Pope. Rogers selected few Romanized fancy names from history assuming that one of the names will be picked up as title for the next pope. He booked web domains for all the names he short listed on April 1st 2005.

Bingo he hit the deck, it seems he was traveling with his son when the announcement came, Like a Horse Race fan he was busy screaming please! Lord, Let the name be benedictxvi come on benedict, finally he was blessed, and his domain became the new sanctum that took a web load of 100 hits per second. And many were shocked to visit his website; in the comment section many have been cursing him using various languages. He says he might find a deal to translate his books using the knowledge he gained in few days now.

What do you think his intentions were when booking this domain?, what would be his demands to give up this domain to Vatican? May be a huge sum of money or sell this to an online gamble website or porn to make more dollars, if you think so you are mistaken. He has promised that he will not sell this domain to any kind of “ecommerce” site out there. Then what he wants? He has 5 request to the Vatican, please don’t call it as demands because Mr. Rogers thinks calling them as demands sounds too harsh on Vatican, and his mom is a devoted catholic.

His five demands are really filled with humor.
I. It seems Vatican has built a 5 star facility for the conclave, seeing these facilities on CNN, they were very similar to many Caribbean resorts , hence his first request, Three days and two nights at the Vatican hotel they built for the conclave.
II. Some might get offended by this next one, “One of those hats”. Yes! He wants the fancy looking hat Pope wears. . And he is dam serious about this demand oops, request. If this is not met the deal is off right there.
III. Complete absolution, which means remission of sins pronounced by a priest. They should not ask him any questions for the third week of March 1987. He wants be pardoned for all his sins, especially events during third week of March 1987.
IV. A back-cover blurb from the Pope for the next edition of Movable Type 3 Bible Desktop Edition. But only if he uses the book to create his own weblog.
V. Like the Miss America, Miss World and Miss Universe pageant he wants “World peace”.

Rogers was on the Today show[NBC] this morning, and he was dam funny and cool.Eventually he will give this domain to Vatican, at least in future Vatican should make sure the domains are in place before selecting a name. May be who knows we might soon have a .pope, benedictxvi.pope might be answer to this. It is time to use the dot extensions efficiently, like anything.Damil will be! Vijaykanth or anything.waste, will bring up my blog.