My Bloglogue April 14th 2005

a Followup segment, in my album review for Mumbai Express, I had written these lines,
Listen to the jazz guitar part in the song….the jazz guitar has thinner sound than acoustic or regular electric guitar. It will sound really soft. Frankly the way it was played sounds Prasanna to me. However I don’t know if he really played a part in this. This is now confirmed by Prasanna himself. Click here.....

One more major story on Mumbai Express, the audio has been released by Kamal himself via his new audio company. However there seems to be some chaos with hyped sales numbers, this I came to know via Dhool.com yesterday. I tried to cross check with my contacts in audio business few of them told me it does look shady. It seems Kamal has claimed that he sold 200, 000 tapes/CD on the first few days of release. But most audio stores don’t seem have the album out yet. After all this might be an hype created by Kamal to offset Chandramuki sales which really sky rocketed to more than 200,000 copies in about a week.

Usually when you distribute an album, you might get an advance payment, rest will be paid based on sales, the distributors don’t pay you in full however it is speculated that Kamal wants the entire money in order to stock the album. Many have also questioned the cost of the album, MSRP - Rs. 45 a copy, mind it this contains only 4 songs. I feel it is time for the Audio companies to stop being greedy, this kind of attitude and poor business plan will soon start to justify piracy by all means.

Over to Cricket news, Gangully has been asked to take a break by BCCI and his pal Mahendra. Both men don’t see eye to an Eye. They have records of feuds in the past. BCCI on its part rushed and changed the captaincy. But now Gangully has appealed to ICC, this puts BCCI in a catch 22 situation. They cannot ask Dravid to walk away from the offer on the other hand Gangully can play until ICC decides on the appeal. Mind it officially Gangully has not been dropped yet. Moreover added to the agony of mismanagement, Mahindra now says BCCI has recalled the TamilNadu batsmen Sriram in place of Gangully. When asked about this to the actual selector Kiran More, he has replied that he is not aware of such developments. [Urrrrrrg].

IMO, BCCI should not have presumed on Gangully’s appeal and it’s after math. More over it looks now that BCCI is trying their best to nail down Gangully Why? his immunity has come down drastically due to lack of performance. There are only 2 right things, just drop him sighting his poor performance or instead of the guessing game of bureaucracy allow him to play. But professionalism and BCCI is a perfect example of an Oxymoron.

Anyways tonight, mostly Dravid will be walking for the toss and I hope he wins the toss and the game for India. All the best to Captain Dravid, if Dravid wins rest of games for India, we might never see dada Gangully again. However It is sad to see one of the top players for India making an unceremonious exit.

SunTv is pumping in New Year specials today, I am at wok but got my replacement DVR, everything is being recorded and I will get to see them tonight. The best kanna best - I have the advantage and pleasure of skipping the over dosed commercials. BTW:I surfed onto a Sun TV serial by mistake, I have no clue about the name, but was that “Saritha” ? wow wow man! at this rate soon the postal department will allocate a separate Pin code to her.

Good day folks.