My Bloglogue April 8th 2005

Tonight India takes on Pakistan on a so called jinxed arena; Yes! India has lost about 5 times here and has won only on two occasions. Dravid mentioned today that Dhoni should be playing at number three. I had echoed similar opinion in my Blog few days ago. Yes! Dhoni should be playing number three this will keep the bowlers thinking as the batsmen at the other end is also capable of firing at will.

Gangully scored a century 105* here way back in 2000, against South Africa, I was in Seattle Washington at that time. At least to calm down his critics I want Ganguly to score some runs tonight. One more point to note is Sachin, there are 6 one day games and since Sachin failed to fire in the first three, the next 2 games would be the most crucial games for India. They need to win them in order to nail the series. By the law of averages Sachin should be pumping in runs soon. Hope he scores in these crucial games. I would really want him to get back into his world cup groove.

Agarkar factor, a friend had made a comment in the feed back section stating I was too harsh on Ajith Agarkar and it was unwarranted. In fact I was too soft this time. If you count the number of recalls Agarkar had in spite of mediocre performance, what I feel still holds good and it is justified. Take Mohanty, he was sent home in 2001, Why? He just went wicket less in just 2 games that too after a successful tour; he was simply dropped and was never recalled. My claim is in spite of mediocre performance Why Agarkar gets a recall? Why don’t they even consider others? Or why can’t we find another bowler? Oh! Here is stale defense - He is an all rounder with humongous talent. Duh! The Aussie tour, the number of ducks he hunted during the tour earned him many titles, recently he might have scored few runs in Pakistan agreed, but his first priority is being a bowler who is expected to bowl well. He hardly does so with the new ball in recent times. He never learns from his mistakes, he is too causal and lazy. I wish other cricketers have the same luck and push Agarkar has!

The truth is when ever I cribbed on Agarkar, my luck or his luck he scores some runs with his bat, so be ready to type a rebuttal message to me tomorrow.

Indian eves are in finals of the Women World Cup. They zoomed into the final by beating the defending champs “The White Ferns”, yes the female version of the Black caps. I really don’t know why?, I have special feeling if any team from India beats a team from New Zealand. Basically it might be jealously, how the hell blacks caps be rated better team than India by the ICC? Any way, congratulations to the Indian team, they will be facing the Aussies in the finals. All the best ladies, go win the cup for India. The Men in blue might get the message for the next world cup.

I read this in rediff.com - Azar is on news again, in a report to be published in the outlook magazine mentions some notes given to the CBI by Azar in which he kind of confessed about his involvement in the match fixing scandal. This hand written document was recovered during a tax raid in 2000. The note also made some hasty criticism and baseless comments on Sunil Gavasker, Ravi Sashtri and the master blaster Sachin. The report is scheduled to be appearing on April 18th issue of out look.

Have a great weekend folks.