My Bloglogue April 20th 2005

As I opened the Washington Post this morning, first thing that saw was the editorial cartoon. Gosh, the idea matched mine; thank god I did it yesterday so that I get to say mine was also an original idea. When time permits check the cartoon.

So world is blessed, we have a new Pope, it seems he is from Germany and served for the Nazis, news paper reports says he deserted the army and spent time in the POW camps. What ever, I really don’t care the reason I wrote this in my Blog was, every TV channel were cooking POPE recipe for the entire evening, which eventually made me watch a movie. I leave it to you to guess the movie.

The first half of the movie can be equated to 20 Award films from Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada combined together. The movie was slow even in the fast forward mode. It was moving like a snail on Booze. One blunt issue I noted was the acting, it seemed totally amateurish “trying hard on something but never works kind”. This is a story about a still maturing rouge boy who sucks in academics. He is a “wastefood” [Danda soru] hence being battered by his hard working emotional dad. He has sets of buddies which includes an “Amul” baby and few more 1st and 2nd standard school kids.

The movie goes further dull when the heroine shows up. The new girl from north settles in the same colony [clue], and on the first day of arrival, she is bold enough to go up and study on the bald roof top [mota madi] where these kids/boys sleep, and in an unhealthy fashion.What? Yeah! 9 out 10 times, sleeping pose these boys give will look gross, meaning they will be stripped out of their so called single piece cloth, popularly known as Lungi. Still this girl never cares after all she is a “working hard” student who mugs up java bean code.

As it would happen right from the days P.U.Chinnaapa,Periyappa and Chitappa, girl's presence seem to reduce our rouge hero tantrums. In a scene where they watch the movie varusham 16, the girl places her hand around his shoulders by mistake, but finds it out later and she goes to restroom, pukes badly and cries. I was wondering this, she was a cool girl right? Who did not care about 3/4 naked sleeping adolescent boys on her first day in the colony; she did not care anything other than mugging java code. But now she is bothered about a genuine mistake of putting her arms around his shoulder, over reaction or what ever, this is not reality. They show a lemon-spoon race where our “boys” peep into adults and pass comments, If you remember “Boys the movie” had few similar reality scenes, Halo! Where are the Decency controllers Vikatan.com, where are they now??

The way our hero talks to elders in the milk booth, in reality - I am sure if anyone talks like this and blackmails about their daughters/wife in public, the person would be whacked alive at least by the police. But here reality is from Jupiter, this is not happening in Earth. Adults are afraid of this yet to be born kid [who has a make up of a 20 year old] and gives up to his threatening statements. That’s it, after this I started praying to new the Pope, please Sir, can you do some miracle to move the movie quickly. My prayer did not work.

Soon as expected after the 15th over a defensive field was set. The hero gets beaten on the bus for the usual act of “Tiffin” [If you know what I mean] etc. She does not complain to the police Duh!, Chapter skipped, in the next chapter, girl seems to have cured this guy and tries to find a job for him, she asks about his special talents, if any. The only special talent I saw in the whole movie was supplying TEA, Horilicks and ringing the calling bell at regular intervals. May be instead of assembling a Bike, he would do well in the food distribution area; hotel supply master whenever the owner rings bell he can supply "oval".

Man that’s it I could not take it this 2 hrs of nothing that moves in the speed rock [yes! It never moves]. I skipped to the final chapter to see the Cliché end, she gets killed and he does things hearing a voice from the heaven Yes, her voice. I also noted that few dialogues were taken from Pudhu pudhu arthagal and Mouna Ragam.

Finally, if I don’t make this point I would not be “RAMABADHRAN-VI” [summa tried a new name for me] . The pathetic part was the background music, thanks to Corrs, some tracks were lifted from their CDs, while background music from Jhonny shows up. Overall music was totally out of place, it was like a radio time filler strings and keyboards playing some music for the heck of it. The Tabla sounds taken from Triton ready made loops were out of tune with the main lead. Dam! Music director failed make this basic correction? [my Dost Arun says: yow! sriki,oops RAMABADHRAN-VIth nan matum camera grains - nellu nu sonna nee nitpicks nu kadha vidara...ippo idhu ennavam!....]

I agree “ethartham” reality is important in a movie, but to watch something like this is a punishment. Example we are standing in a railway gate, where a goods train with 200 wagons passes by; this is reality, what if the director shows all the 200 wagons to pass. Next 25 minutes is nothing but freight trains moving one after another. This whole movie was like this, a poorly made documentary; or may be just few power point slides will do the needful. The pity is I found later at 11.25pm that Pope Ceremony on CNN and Fox had some entertainment value than this movie.

Good day folks,
RAMABADHRAN-VI [For the heck of it, I took my grand father’s name with a roman numeral this seems to be the new fashion now]

Ps: my comment box seems goofed up; I scored my highest comment tally [10] yesterday, but for some reason it is back to 4 now.