My Bloglogue April 4th 2005

During the weekend I saw a Tamil movie, "Bose". Actually the screen play seemed good, Director needs to be appreciated, and he has worked hard. Movie was not that boring; he could have reduced violence and had some humor. The villain over acts in many places and bores at times, but better than the stale monophonic pasupathy’s “eeeai eennna sapamatteru”. Srikanths acting has improved; he wears colored contacts and talks in Hindi when needed. Sneha in the “Gauravas role”, may be she visited someone in the set seeing her there, director and the DP exposed few rolls.

Music: One Mr. Yuvan Shankar, the only music director who does not care about Harmony in music. He right royally sucks in every song in this movie. It is really a challenge to screw up all the songs. He does this quite well all through the movie. Background scores were many ready made Arps from Triton and trinity keyboards.

In the song “:vaitha kan” same loops used in May matham 98il shows up. But top of Chart goes to the song “Doli, Doli” the pitch is so high the singer is made to scream like a strangled cat and poor girl struggles to hit the Cat frequencies.

Frankly in this song it was my fault to expect suspended chords before moving on to the major chords, Scale changes /loop change in the second interlude and negotiation to the saranam 2 is totally non-musical. The agony continues when the saranam 2 meets the pallavi again. I also heard songs from the movie Raam recently; he managed to Mimic Harris this time, Vaseegara flute parts were ripped in few songs. In simple words, BOSE songs are nothing but another stinking “muta kose”. What ever!, I made my point …hey let me shut the .... up, Yuvan is dam lucky to get away with mediocrity.

Let me get on with my favorite pass time, Cricket.

India won the first One day, thanks to the heat, some good batting by Dravid and Sehwag and some surprise bowling from Sachin. It is time for Sehwag to share his luck with his team mates. He was dropped couple of times by the opposition. India would have been easily in doldrums if Pakistan had taken their catches.

Yuvaraj, Kaif and the new wicket keeper Dhoni were a disappointment, they should have got another 50 runs. However we won the game, so it would go unnoticed.
The major point was Gangully, my poor joke “Best of Duck” worked on him. Yes he was out in the first ball. During fielding, every Ball went searching for Gangully where ever he placed himself. He missed few tough chances; however Gangully is different from others; in what a way? In my opinion a very good CEO, if you cannot do the job, find some one to do it for you, he replaced himself and placed the lucky Sehwag in Gully/point region. India got the much needed break through.

First I have not seen any other Indian captain give up his place for the sake of mis-field but at the same time we have never seen an Indian captain mis-field this bad. Gangully [and his bat] hopes to makes some runs in the Vizag but it is going to be an ass breaking task with record level heat internally and externally for him.

Sachin took 5 wickets in Kochin , he repeated his performance again. Next game tobe played in hot humid Vizag, where one more opening batsmen hold the record for maximum number of wickets. He was able to capture 5 wickets against New Zealand some years ago. Guess who? My name sake dashing player with an extra “K”;
Toss will be the key, and thanks to the day light saving times game starts at 11.25pm EST. Yawn!, a quick nap from 9.00 to 11.00 should help.

Good day.