A Misguided soul

I happed to read an article in a web magazine. The author trashes Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth in full swing, Dam! , so what? Don’t you trash everyone you don’t like? No that is not reason I called this article as misguided soul. The Author has another great agenda, read further.

He goes on his article to diagnose entertainment preference for people, Tamilans in particular.His prognosis, we are a bunch of tasteless people who clap for mediocrity. More over he makes plenty of absurd conclusions and generalizes our entertainment preferences with ruthless bias and predetermined agenda. “Okay” Drum roll please “Ladies and Gentlemen”, I am happy to introduce Mr. Anand, he writes for OutdatedLook opps OutlookIndia.com.Please Click here to read the Holy Crap

I never understood why he wasted about 200k of data and stationery. Instead he could have just completed the article in one line, you hollow “Tamilans” you are bunch of tasteless people who encourage mediocrity. The End; this could have saved few trees from being destroyed to print this holy crap.

Seriously tell me don’t people in north go and watch Govinda or for that matter so called “the Big B and co” do the same for ages?, Frankly for combinations I find in north, I would find Charuhassan and the new gal Nayanathara Jodi quite interesting. Who is Mr. Anand? To tell me what to choose; may be a communist? When it comes to movie and entertainment, No one can prescribe for anyone. It is personal and subjective. He comments on the new release Chandramuki, it seems characters in the movie sing too much Rajinee praise? So what’s your problem?
AnandJi, you are most welcome to get another P.Q.R.S. VASU to write a script that makes people talk about you. Make your co stars stare at the camera and ask them tell “Anand is a great writer” “he has 50 heads of which few were leased to Ravana” , who cares.

Bottom line in any cine industry, apart from the Movie skill, it is a full blown industry that employs people, so what is your problem? A producer is ready to spend money in this? His crew promises a return. It works for them; there is nothing antisocial like your left wing half cooked theories. After this full blown Rajini hit and run our Mr. Elite takes on Kamal Hassan. He makes the most ridiculous statement of his life time, “No wonder Kamal's fans call him 'Ulaga Nayagan' (Universal Hero). In reality, Kamal's benchmarks can be rather low” , Ayya pulavare, what is this so called better bench mark you know and we Tamilans don’t know?, can you please define this for us? We would like to know this “bench or stool mark”.

After reading this holy crap fully now, I find his claims are generally biased against Tamilans. Frankly outlook is known for their communist tint, a sane balanced writer is rarity from that kind of environment. Remember we Tamilans call condemned automobiles as junk while the governments of your clan call it their public transport. Our preferences are more sophisticated, I don’t want to go there and fight. I have no problems with communism comments and biased opinions in the form of free press; Our India is free land where everyone and everything is allowed to grow. But generalizing and prescribing preference for people increases my apprehension. What AnandJi wrote seems to be propaganda with a preconceived agenda. He uses Rajinee and Kamal to trash Tamilans in general.

The great joke is Mr. Anand questions entertainment preferences of Tamilans and brands them to be substandard. Really? After all we clapped for Ilayaraja who needs no further introduction, but as if this was not enough we got an A.R.Rahman who stormed the country and showed everyone how to make international music using their own culture.