My Bloglogue April 11th 2005

As expected we lost the one day in the jinxed arena. India has hardly won there, so I really don’t know why we have to play there in first place. Anyway, we lost! I don’t think Indians were outplayed by Pakistanis, Indians were careless and the new ball bowlers were totally poor. Asish Nehra in particular, he seems lose it to his angry attitude, he is caught often using bad language, especially when someone in the infield mis-fields during his bowling; however he forgets that his fielding ability is worse than Dilip Doshi, he never cares to improve. I think he needs a therapy or something.

So Mr. Savior-I and Mr. Savior-II [Sehwag] failed for India, so did the talented and freshness injectors Kaif and Yuvraj singh. But who cares, there is Sachin to take blame for not playing again, yes, Sachin seems to be still on a run draught; Today I read in the post that Tiger woods came back with power to retain his lost place, I hope Sachin also does well in days to come. He did have a very good average before his injury. But he has not scored in this series till now, hence his critics have a good “poha” to munch.., I wish he gets runs soon. Irfan batted well however he is still out of form in the bowling area, this is worrying, but I still maintain that he is much better than Agarkar.

Gangully issue, I see many, Ok! Ok, few comments in my comment box on Gangully. Very conveniently we have forgotten the fact that Sourav has 2 portfolios. He has been a successful captain for the Indian team. Our captain Kirk has taken the team to place where no captain has gone before. Performing twin task has been always an issue to any Indian captain. This includes SMG, SRT, KD and many others. Their captain role has always had an adverse effect on their specialized ability. For this reason, we need to give Gangully few extra days to catch up with reality.

The most ridiculous item of the day was Match referee report on Indian captain. He forfeited Sourav’s pay for the game. Let me ask you, will anyone agree if their income is with held after an ass breaking day at work? Reason: “You failed to complete your task on time” Don’t we all get an extra time from our boss? You might ask me then how can we deal this so called dull slow over rate and constant field adjustment by the bowling team?

In my opinion ICC is an idea less group of people Yes, I mean, it. For example instead of penalizing the captain alone, why can’t they come up with another way of penalizing the team instead? Like NBA or NFL why not have a shot or a ball clock. A bowler has to bowl a ball within a minute else it is a no ball. This clock is reset every ball, and umpire has the right to stop the clock. ICC has to make the team feel the time pressure. It is not the captain alone, and there were tons of drinks breaks due the hot weather, Mr. Match Referee should know about the Indian heat conditions before making a call.

This salary forfeit idea is against the labor law by all means. This has to be stopped.

Tonight, we are ready for the next one day, my Dish-DVR crashed on Saturday due to continues recording for past month, I spent the whole day talking to various support levels, no remedy worked, finally they agreed to replace it for FREE!, I should get another one soon by mail. Hence Today I will have to swap my primary receiver to the one we have in our family room.

Indians will make bowler changes, Agarkar might be recalled [urggggg!] or I wish Balaji recovers from his injury. IMO, Bowling is the major area of concern. We need to restrict them to 250 odd and our opening batsmen need to deal the Ul Hassan factor. Everyone seems to struggle against him.Toss will the key again.

On to other news, the cable news networks were boring people with the so called Royal wedding. Technically IMO, a 60th wedding ceremony, [aka 60am kalyanam], do we really need to know Where, when and how a frog Prince and his keep to the left honeymoons? -- EEPIP [Enku en periya idathu polapu]

Sun TV is gearing up for the Tamil New Year programs, yes same Solomon Papayya and his cronies will be arguing again on some topic, this time hope it is Sun T.V. serialAl paithiyam pidikumA pidikkAtha. It seems Vivek has a special show; I really don’t know how he negotiated his way through SunTV. They have been avoiding him and ignoring him for long now. We need learn the trick from Vivek, I might to have to go to work on 14th , hence if I get my DVR ready by then I should record and enjoy the programs..

Good day.