My Bloglogue April 15th 2005

SunTv Special program, I happened to watch the recorded version, hence had the liberty of skipping commercials and few dragging programs. Still the commercials got me on few occasions. First let me give you a score:
Number of persons who told
இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் - 3 and
இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கல் - 9 :)

Before you start thinking about my english Blog!, let me move on.Vikram program, Vikram goes to make music with PA.Vijay and Kartick Raja. Kartik Raja manages to compose some backgrounds for Vikram to sing. However PA.Vijay and Kartik vanish in the middle, in general Sema bore. When there is no proper script, even a good actor like Vikram becomes a drag and a bore to watch, I skipped it after 15 pain taking minutes.

Pati madappam : I did not have the patience to sit through the usual gaga of the program. Ruthlessly skipped to the next program; next one was actor singing live music. Yet to watch., because had to rush back to the live show, as they were showing some clips of A.R,.Rahman talking, but this was an old recording recorded during last years special shows. However the announcer Divya Kasturi spoke a very pleasant language, but over all it was mere rehash of old programs.

This was followed by Vijay’s interview. The usual one, Vijay repeating words from his earlier interviews. Played safe with few questions; and mentioned that he is a big fan of Super Star so his movies are bound to have his influence.

Best program of the evening was “Suriya special”, Suriya goes around Chennai city in disguise with hidden camera. He goes around his school St.Beads, takes 12B bus etc. He strikes conversation with many people but most fail to find his identity, or at least they edited them. One person smokes in public and Suriya spreads a message to keep our city clean. Talks about foreign countries where people make sure their country is clean.

Suriya’s command over the Tamil language coupled with his heavy voice, the entire program sounded genuine and refreshing. Finally he goes to a police officer on the street in T.Nagar area, talks to him about Kakakaka, the police officer fails to spot him at the first go, and then he finds a camera around him and starts to enquire. Cat is out of the bag, Suriya comes out of his simple disguise, and police officer is shocked and thrilled to see Suri [that’s how he called him] and liberally sprayed his affection for Suriya. Program concluded by Suri wishing us the New Year greetings.

After this, the never-ending commercials started with Gemini the movie shown in between Movie Breaks [opposite to commercial breaks], too many commercials makes life ridiculous, this movie went on after the news, I changed to KTV. Where new heroes of this generation were bust talking. Chimbu has a beard now and looks just like this dad. He spoke quite freely for questions asked. There were other faces most I don’t know. May be appeared just in one movie;

Chitra’s interview was also good in KTV, she spoke about his padmashree award etc, sang us few song, the sweetness is same what I heard in “chinakuil”. After this it was about time for Sanjay Manju and co. Indians was ready for the game not knowing about the thunderbolt that would strike them in about 4 hours.