Various Ramblings

What would YOU call a hardware that has Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each and Two hardware threads per core with six hardware threads total VMX-128 vector unit per core; three total 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread 1 MB L2 cache, not a main frame from IBM, it is the new XBOX2 from Microsoft, it was dedicated to the world of gamers on a MTV 30 minute infomercial last week. The new XBOX2 offers online voice chat between 2 gamers!, and more features which a non-gamer would care the least. The Xbox3 is on pipe line, this might have 2 editions I suppose, One called the Home edition, where you get MS-Outlook, Ms Word, Ms-Excel, users can check email and browse the net while playing games, the second version the professional developer Edition would have the Visual Studio plug in, where a .NET programmer can code games in C# or test games of others users online. [Yes! I made it up]

ICC has told recently that Ganguly has got a middle level ban, I don’t care about the levels, why others captains are let go from this middle level, I am sure it is impossible to get an sane explanation from ICC in near future.

Desmond Haynes joined the coach race last week. Patil pulled out the race due to a match fixing scale in Kenya. It seems ICC Anti Corruption group did not prefer him. Tom Moody is speculated to be the next Indian coach. I remember Moody, leading the under 21 team to India in the 80s. Now he might be next coach to teach our players how to play the game. BCCI has also told that there is no problem with the Coach “Fee” Chappell’s remuneration is speculated around $400k to $500k per year [almost 2 Crores a year]. This is amazing, and here is an organization that nose cries when the government asks to pay tax that would help the general public but they don’t mind paying a foreign coach what ever he demands. Kind of ridiculous, why should BCCI get a tax exempt? As an individual I work for my family and not for profits and I spend the money for the wellbeing of my family. While BCCI works for the Cricket and uses is profits for the betterment of Cricket, What’s the difference? Cricket is a professional sport and people are not half boiled fools to believe BCCI to be a non-profit organization. It is time to Tax BCCI. May be our own Pa. Chidambaram can do it;

On Politics, I see this morning that AIADMK won the by elections. For last 3 days Sun TV was trying very hard to smear in their newscast, they interviewed various locals who complained on election rigging and money donations, they showed autos and cars being seized Etc, however most seemed as well cooked episodes. Any way, do I really care about local politics? Not really

I finally got to hear a legitimate version of Anniyan songs. Though nothing much has changed in my initial opinion the Recording seemed clean and perfect. Kadal Yanai Remo track, as I mentioned before the vocals team rocks throughout the song. I feel Nakul [Boys Fame] in particular; he screams his heart out and fills the song with energy. He might be singing more songs in future. Hopefully the video saves this song and takes it to some heights.

The final episode of star wars will be out this week in US, it seems it takes political shots at current government in Washington. Duh who does not these days. If you have lost track of the episode numbers, this is episode three called Revenge of the Sith [will also be dubbed in Tamil titled – “Pazi Vangum Sithan” don’t confuse this for Pithamagan Episode -1 ] . This should be the grand Finale that should end this loooooooooooong story. Hopefully they give the most kept secret in this final episode at least, “What is the relationship between R2D3 and C3Po? Is it something similar to “Sponge Bob and Patrick”?. For the amount of money this movie makes who knows if Lucas needs quick funds he might churn out an Episode 1A - Mudi strikes again [This cannot be dubbed in Tamil for obvious reasons]. mudi is a hairy clan, [When there can be a Jedi, mudi is also possible], Wader’s 5th wife's 3rd kid becomes a mudi and takes revenge on Wader.

May the force be with you.

Good day.