Tuesday Ramblings

After being rejected, Jimmy Amarnath has vented out his frustration to the media. When ever you go for job interview, it can go either way. I think he should let it go. He should wait and watch the performance of new coach, if he fails, he can nose cry to media. Until then Jimmy please remember “Silence is golden”.

Yesterday I read various website posts supporting the blunt statement made by the new coach select. Many [Including Raj in the feed back section] have mentioned that this will eventually help Sachin 1. Sachin appreciates Chappell’s point of view and thanks him for empathizing. This would create a good wave length and hence he would continue to play well under the coach. Or 2. Just to prove Chappel and the media wrong he would start to blast like before. From Chappell’s point of view it might be favorable strategy that can put him in win-win situation. However the method he picked to execute this strategy was totally poor. I would not get this message to Sachin via the media;[who knows he did speak to Sachin and got his consent, just a speculation]. But all said and done, I would do it within my office walls and doors. A one on one chat with Sachin would do the trick [if at all there is one]. I really don’t know why Chappell went to the media; this is an internal matter concerning a senior employee, who is also an ICON in the country. The right method is to deal this in private with Sachin. In my opinion, Chappell even before his first pay check, tries here to go over board to prove is authority. Using this opponent can right royally sledge Sachin now
“Mate! How ever you play, your coach will not be impressed...why waste (y)our time.”. I am sure Sachin's bat will put an end this speculation.

Tamil Oviam , a web site run by my good friend Ganesh Chandra [GC], recently when I was browsing through Tamil Blogs I happen to read his interview.[Here is the Link ]. From a software background building and maintaining a website may look kind of easy, however getting the recurring material and keeping the web site up to date is very hard. Tamil Oviam apart from giving you latest news snippets uses popular global coding standards like UNICODE, XML, RSS, XSLT via their home build Content Management System in “Sanga” Tamil. Tamil Oviam also sells Tamil E-BOOK that can be purchased in their website using your Credit Card, yes "E-Commerce Transactions". Thanks to the System Analyst Role played by GC.
All said and done, the two keywords that drives hobbyist are “Devotion and Enthusiasm”. Frankly with a day job that feeds you any other additional task feels very hard; often caught in between dilemma 2 entities; I know this feeling quite well. The Will power to keep things running is something GC should be proud about. I have known these guys for long now and I very happy to see them move forward, I wish GC and his team all the best for the future growth.

Sunday I saw the Dinakaran award show on SUNTV. Thank god, they had very minimal Record dances. Agency reports says the opening Dance by Swarnamalia and co was to test the maximum load the stage could handle. My man, Silambarasan, got the award for best script - Manmadan. Way to go guy. Vijay the best actor; came on stage without any kind of expression. He could have at least smiled for jokes from Sriman. Is smiling in public a costly deal for the Tamil star?, Kamal presented Nagesh with an achievement award. Nagesh gave a very frank speech for being ignored for Padma Shree awards. Valiee was also given the Achievement award by KB, Valiee is an amazing writer who can deal generations. He made a wonderful statement in his speech, “Talent without patronage is a waste”. 100% true. Unless you have someone to push I don’t see raw talent getting noted. Vallee thanked all the composers, directors for their patronage. Since Corrs could not show up from London, Yuvan Shanker got the award for best music in 7G Colony
[Ps1: The pathetic part was Sriman called him “Isai Puyal”, The irony the title is also copied.] , [PS2:Yuvan Fans to Sriks : S.T.F.U]