I Spoke to Jimmy Amaranth, a Rewind

While the race for the Indian team coach continues, there was a surprise last minute entry, Mohinder Amarnath. Let me recollect my school days, when I was in my higher secondary in M.C.C.H.S, our school use to organize the famous Vinoo Mankad Cricket cup for city schools. Being in the school cricket team it is always fun to play in such tournaments, especially to bunk classes, in fact I use to go for umpiring during non- playing days.

At that time England were touring India, Indians after this series were scheduled for the Champions of Champion league in Australia [Benson and Hedges mini world cup] under Sunil Gavasker.

Vinoo Mankad tournament was sponsored by Thumbs up; Thumps up used to get famous cricketers to talk to budding players. Being the host, our school team had the privilege to meet test cricketers, our team got training from few of the English Cricketers also; I think it was Foster and Edmonds.

But the best part was, the super senior team happened to have a session with Jimmy Amarnath. During the session, He fixed flaws in the batting and bowling technique of various players and gave measures to improve them. He used excellent language and methods to tell the cricketers about their ability and way to improve them. He gave lots of tips on bowling to a predetermined field; using variations to force the batsmen rethink his game plan, few I remember even today.

Later in the Q&A session, this is still green in my head, I asked him about the prospects of the Indian team in Australia [Benson and Hedges mini world cup]. There were doubts in the minds of many, thanks to the demoralizing West Indies series. Jimmy’s scores looked like a pin code. I had the guts to ask him directly about his poor form and so called pin code scores.

Jimmy answering to my question, smiled at everyone and told yes “my form is kind of worrying” however I should play well in Chennai, and he also assured that Indians would win the Cup in Australia. It seems the team had made attempts to fix various flaws and they are ready to take the world again.

I did not buy it at all, most of us thought it was a usual remark by a player just to boost confidence; however I wished him luck in Chennai and told that “I will be looking forward for a big knock filled with his famous hook shots”, Jimmy asked us to pray for him. I think few did pray, Jimmy scored 78 and 95 in Chennai and was out hooking in the second innings. Though India lost the test to England Jimmy scored as promised and but the best part was, as predicted by Jimmy Amarnath, Indians won the “champions of champion’s trophy”, Srikanth top scored with about 238 runs while Ravi Sastri was given an Audi. Jimmy Amarnath played 2 innings, and his bowling E/R was about 3.00 World started to accept Indians, the world cup achievement was not a fluke.

Jimmy amaranth, I think would be a very good coach. He clearly knows what he is capable; however he is the copy right owner of the famous statement “Bunch of Jokers” hence he might have to face the music now.