May Day

Kamal’s interview on Mayday; usual remarkes were offered, and a story of a priest and the dog was also mentioned. They also made sure they showed a song from Mumbai Express. In the morning show, Talk with the director Surya was interesting; hope the movie he makes is as interesting as his lectures.

That same evening, they showed a ridiculous movie, I could manage only for 30 minutes. Movie - TamiZan. The movie opens on a big bang inauguration; yes every philately expert will get goose bumps, a postal stamp is released for Vijay. Post master dedicates it to the nation; even the post clerk is not ready to punch a cancellation directly on the stamp. Ok ok, before they could show a stamp exhibition filled with Vijay posters, I agreed that Vijay had done something noble in the movie, what is it? Vijay in a temple [Yes a Hindu temple], finds a Shakeela there, he gets into the jam-packed “sanathi” where he drops “kunguman” right on her hip. Shakeels in return offers a horny expression. That’s it, time to turn off the TV; I never switched it on till this morning, fearing the MOVIE would show up again. A craptacularly caught crap, not even worth for its scrap. I wasted 3o minutes.

Thanks to Lazy Geek, the hall of fame Blogger from Chennai. He had quoted about my review in his recent Blog. I see many people visiting my site to read the review. I am very happy that many are reading my review, also worried that I might invite trouble for my compositions. :)

I bought a new DVD, “Unfortunate Events” I am big fan of Jim Cary, he is a one such actor who could offer about 10,000 expression for a given dialogue. His roll in this movie was stunning and quite clearly deserves an award. I am yet to watch this movie, I ve just seen few clips. I should find time to watch it this evening.