The Glamorous “karaoke" Show.

Tonight the overvalued glamorous “karaoke” show or popularly known as “American Idol” will reach its grand season finale. Final 2 contestants, Bo and Carrie are all set to become the next “star”. The have come a long way and the best is their winning margins. It seems to better the presidential elections. Tonight only one of them can win. The winner gets a multimillion dollar recording contract while the runner up gets a free box of Kleenex and free coupons to hug Paula;

It seems guy [Bo] is a rocker and the gal [Carrie] is a country singer. Oh is it so? Music making has changed over period of time. I really don’t know how many votes the Johns from the Led-Zeppelin or the Beatle John Lennon or the big boss Bruce Springsteen would get in this democratic formula of choosing the best singer if they go onstage with their “traditional” attire. The evolution is such that it is not the score that counts; it is all about how they look and how best they can imitate other musicians. Do you imitate all the songs of a singer from past and do you look better or trendier than other, do you have a wardrobe from a top dress maker who often talks in French; if that is the case, you have the best chance to be next the American Idol. “Srikanth! What the hell? You are getting old”. May be true, but I am happy that I grew up listening to Deep purple or the Beatles or Led-Zeppelins or the Rolling stones, even today these bands are often referred to as “Real Musicians”.

You might ask me how the American Idol is different from our good old “Saptha Swarangal”, don’t the singers sing the same old songs. “Karthick” the most popular play back singer in Tamil today found his way to stardom via this program right, “don’t you get it”. Actually I feel Saptha Swarangal is different program. This is my opinion, it might sound biased. I feel Saptha Swarangal is more sincere and original when compared with this media hype American Idol. Why? The singers featuring in the Idol show behave as though they wrote the song, composed it, and recorded it, while our singers in Chennai really know what and where they are from; they just do not create an artificial image. Sincere performance is the key, every other aspect comes next. This is the difference.

Any way all said and done, tonight a large portion of America that loves the “Idol” show will be sitting in front of their plasma or DLP or projection or other old fashioned TV sets. Few will get emotional and supporters of the contestants will get banners that would be shown on a fast moving Fox camera.

Alight, here is the news; Gangully signs up to play for Glamorgan. He might start as early as next week. Way to go I think this should help him to regain his form. I wish him good luck and I hope he keeps his nerve under control. The only goal he should have now is to get back his lost form. Can he? Let us hope of the best. Btw: As usual BCCI say it does not know about this deal what ever! Who Cares!
Sachin underwent an operation for his tennis elbow in London; about 13-15 weeks out of action. Hope he recovers to settle account with the new coach.

Finally, I will keep you guessing for next 24hrs; I am all set to make an announcement tomorrow;

Good day.