My Bloglogue May 3rd 2005

Have you watched Alton Brown in action? No, he is not a wrestler or a race car driver. May be a NBA player? No, Then instead of wasting our coffee time who the hell is he? He is the master mind and the lead Chef in the popular TV program called “Good Eats”, which airs on the Food network. Oh! Yet another TV cook, if you think so you are thoroughly mistaken, he is not the stereotyped Chef you often bump on various cooking shows. He is little more mmm… what to say? “Goofier”, or may be “witty” or simply “interesting”

Every “Good Eats” episode has a well written script filled with Humor. Yes, he is funnier than “Kamehswarn” and wittier than his rich quintuplet Madan. Alton Brown has many unorthodox methods to cook in his kitchen. You will be surprised by his perfection. Most of his shows are ingredient based. Meaning, He takes an ingredient and explains about its origin which is then followed tons of receipts and preparation methods. He provides lots of historical anecdotes on the recipe.

The 30 minute program is interesting and funny because Alton Brown apart from being a chef, he is also a movie maker. He has hands on experience on developing screen plays. The best episode I have seen in this series was about “Butter”, someone in the food world sues Butter for its bad quality, the litigation “Butter pollutes the human system with fat”; “Butter” is taken to the court in front of the judge. In a Court room set, M. Brown is the lawyer for “Butter”, he establishes lots of scientific facts on Butter and its related recipes using various “exhibits”, finally bails out Butter from the case. The script for this episode is simply fantastic, for 30 minutes you would be glued down to watch the program. This program attracts little kids more than the adults and my daughter will not mind to skip Lezzy McGuire but she would never miss “Good Eats”. He often cooks Meat, we are vegans regardless of what he cooks I really don’t mind watching his show. The way the program is presented is totally outstanding. When you get free time surf to the food network, Good Eats usually airs on the 7.00pm EST or 10.00pm EST.

My friend Arun had recently written an article about quality of movies and branded Chandramuki a mere waste of time. I do respect his opinion and have no problems with it, yes may be for him and many more like him, Even my better half did not like the movie. But the fact we all miss is CM is making money, How? Easy - just call people dumb? If you assume this and call it a poor taste or something I am sorry you are mistaken.

I don’t consider my self as inferior to clap for Rajinee, or superior if I like only the Malayalam version of Chandramuki. It does not establish a fact.
100% enjoying Chandramuki, I would also enjoy a movie like Mumbai Express [I did enjoy this movie, my review proves.] or Matrix or Million dollar baby. I am entitled to like Rajini or Kamal or any other hero in a so called tight script from Hollywood; Basically Taste is ones own choice and this does not denote anything about them. It is very hard to make entertainment decisions for others. The producers of CM knew the market quite well; they catered for it and made money Period. The same reason the movie Vasul Raja MBBS was made - just to make money. Kamal himself told this, however Kamal goes one step ahead to use this earned money to spend on his other favorite projects. Good for him but, at the same time ridiculing persons who stops with making money is kind of silly, before making CM no one told they are here for “art service”. The crude truth is, Rajini has more fans, they seem to get a pleasure watching his actions - is that a crime? What’s your problem? Like there are fans who liked “Alavandan” there are fans who liked BABA. Choice is yours, Take or leave it.

Anyway, I don’t intended to argue over this, waste of time. Few feed backs was very interesting – "don’t pay for such movies". Very good idea, don’t pay and watch if you feel the material is mediocre.Over a period of time a majority would filter out movies based on their preferences and this will called as "good movies". Agreed..but mmm..as a musician I have this in my mind, does this rule apply to "good music"?, will people start to pay for good music instead of downloading it for free over the internet. But now What the hell is good music? I will have to find it, will I be able to?