Oh! Botanical romance.

If you want to check my voice, Please! Do it today, yes it is at its best, you are welcome to call me and please don’t blame me if you hear a tin sound mixed with an air blow timbre, yes that’s me. Thanks to the yellow little things that were flying around in my area. Male Plants shamelessly produce a powdery yellow substance to attract their female “country woods”, they use wind and insects to carry this material to the female settlement; if you happen to reside some where in this line of love fire, your nose takes the first punch.

As if it was my fault to come in between their Botanical romantic life I was victimized, like many innocent people walking with temporary hand kerchiefs a.k.a Kleenex, I was forced to carry a box of them now. Dam these yellow beings, technically called pollens. The attack was so powerful, my Allergies brew up a deep sounding dry cough, over the period of time this cough turned into a full size COW, finally my voice ended up sounding like R2D2 and C3PO talking during St. Patrick’s Day parade.

However if you see the positive side in this, my voice almost sounded like an Analog synthesizer. This temporary talent [or ailment] of mine produced some unique sounds, Hence not wasting this pollen given talent, I sampled my voice by uttering today’s most fashionable words like “Devuda Devuda” ,”Repeatu” , “ipoodu choodu”, Yesterday’s fashionable words like “No No No No”, “Kadavul pathi mirugam pathi” etc. and created new sound patch on my Yamaha motif ES. Later in the evening, I swallowed various kinds of Sudafed [Sinus, Flu, Cold, Cough, and Congestion] that had list of side effects which sounded worse than my dry cough, a nirvana state of totally drowsiness was also promised, adding to this agony Sun TV aired”alavandan” , now there was a big competition in my body between 2 major forces both of them trying diligently to push me into a deep sleep, but finally Alavandan won without much of the side effects.

Good day folks. Stay away from Botanical romance.