The announcement that I wanted to make was about my next music album. “H1 BEES”, this is nearing completion. It is in the final stages of production cycle. The scheduled released date: 22nd August [2005], and of course we do have a rain date scheduled in September.

3S Enterprises a multi-media company owned by Srivatsa is co-producing this album with my Sri Inc/Studio1234 label. I don’t want to give away a lot until it is complete 100%.

The main track [in English] is titled “H1BEES”, Vocals:Kartik,Lyrics:Devesh & Kartik,Guitar:Kartik,Keyboards/Drum/Hand Sonic:Srikanth.The other track I can talk about is the fast paced typical Tamil song sung by Ramesh [NC] and Usha Krishna [DC metro].The entire album will have about 8 tracks.

God willing we should be getting it out for sale in August, I made sure with my co-producer that the retail price will be kept low; this should encourage people to buy the CD. Please wish us luck and we don’t accept pre-orders [Just kidding]

Thanks for all the wild guesses!
Good day.