Has the Toughest job in the world
but never agrees so

What is the toughest job in the world? Being the CEO of a XYZ multinational? Or being the president of US? [Duh!], a Lotus notes programmer Or an Oracle Administrator? Or being Tendulkar or Lara? Keep guessing; you know the answer. If not, here is a clue; the person who has the toughest job in the world and never agrees so, will be honored this weekend. Yes! Mothers!

In today’s world, we see various kinds of mothers, not the one in the movie “Nanda” The bizarre Kind or to put it politely, it is a Bala’s movie what else you can expect? Coming back to the topic, Home maker Mom, without the fancy blue tooth devices or gadgets she is on call 24 x 7 x 365 [or 366 if the year is divisible by 4].

Moms only worry would be her kids and their betterment. She never cares about anything other than her kids. All roads lead to Rome. What ever she does, she would come back to make sure that her kids are ok. Just to put it in a dramatic Tamil movies way “the bond the placenta creates is much stronger than the “ring” or the “holy rope” [Seri Seri, I meant ThriuMangalyam”]

The mothers who undergo the most ordeals are the working ones, due to their financial and other life situations they are forced to go to work, they are forced to drop their kids in an unknown environment trusting someone. When it comes to child care, 10 out of 10 times a mother would never trusts even her own parents or her husband. Be it adoring, pampering, scolding, feeding she will want to do it on her own. The mothers at work, apart from their work pressure, they face unknown disturbances by just thinking about her baby every second. Working moms definitely undergo lot of additional stress due to this factor;

In NBC Today show this morning they showed a video clip of a mom’s typical day, starts from waking the kids, breakfast table, sending them to schools until they are back in the bed tired for the day. A 12 hour task without any break, a mom cannot take a vacation or even a day off from her routine; in spite of this tiring schedule her patience and the love for her kids never reduces, rather multiplies. She cannot watch her kids struggle to do things on their own.

But at the end of the show, for doing this tireless job a dollar value was tagged for being a mother. The face value they gave was $130,000 a year, yes there is group who have researched it, meaning $130,000 can yield a mother for you, I felt it was an absurd research, I think the researches have not heard about “NO QUID PRO QUO”; I was wondering can anyone really estimate the mothers love towards her kids? There is no “financial body“in the world that could pay for this natural love and affection. There is no limit talking about mothers, I thank my mother for providing me this invaluable life.

A very happy mother’s day for all the mothers out there; seriously without you folks the world would not be spinning and going around the sun.

Have a great weekend folks