Tamil Movies in Trouble - oh not Again

Politicians trying to restrict Tamil movies, issue is out once again. Very recently they tried to enforce Tamil titles for Tamil movies, etc, most of their demands sounded ridiculous. Now the demand is “celluloid cannot show a person smoking or drinking, if shown it should carry a warning message”. I feel political parties should not tinker with freedom of expression. Some elites might come to defend and tell there is some meaning in the politicians demand.

Oh Ya!, but did people elect them to work for better movie titles or to censor movies? If the health minister is worried about evil of smoking, try to run it through a legislature where you take action on the manufacturers of such products. Just by Banning clips that show actual smoking will not reduce smoking. Females watch movie right? But most don’t smoke why? Why weren’t they spoilt? I really don’t know why our press gives coverage to such silly issues.

Recently US congress took the baseball dope issue in their agenda. Press here termed it as total waste of time. People here feel when there are so many other problems to fix congress should not waste its time and money on an issue that is not concerning them. Let us list down few problems we are facing in Tamil Nadu? As per Sun TV, everything and any thing concerning the ruling government is a problem in Tamil Nadu. Seriously, like festivals year after year we have the water crisis, professional College Entrance exam fiasco, power shortage, Industrial and automobile pollution, mind blowing traffic, and many more. A genuine politician will take up these as priority and help people to resolve issue, but today we see a bunch that waste their time by taking up issue that is not worth a penny. These kind of political stunts are mere escapism to avoid work.Tamilans weakness – “the Tamil language” is misused for such stunts.

Last week on SunTV I had a chance to sit in front the kids program. I like this program just for the kids, they are so natural; but the show host Mrs. Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy, Beware if you want your kids to feature in this program better train in “Sanga Tamil” ; if the kid is caught red handed using common English terms, you would be prosecuted right away. There was child from US; do you know the first question the poor little girl got? What do you call you mom? Amma or mommy, poor 4 year old did not know the sarcasm in that question. Thanks god she answered “அம்மா” after few seconds. What is the problem if the little one calls Mom or அம்மா ? Will the relationship change if called in English or Hindi, or Gujarati or Tulu? Or by calling your native call “Amma” will expand your language love by 10 inches?, I agree mother tongue is important, teaching kids their mother tongue is one important activity which I do, but I don’t agree a 3rd person questioning a poor little kid on TV to display her so called narrow language love. The next one was the best, there was girl dressed as nurse, so what is Tamil for nurse, the poor kid was forced to pronounce with hardship “sevili thayAr”, Does this lady have the guts to ask Radhika, just watch the latest “ungal choice advertisement” that suffers from the “Illness” or 9 out of 10 Tamil announcers who cannot pronounce properly, why don’t they correct them instead of troubling these tiny toddlers? Tamil will not grow if we Tamilans are narrow with other languages. We have umpteen statements like “oorAr piLLaiyai otty vaLarthal than piLLai thame vaLarum” but we never follow this and appreciate other languages. Aaaaa Ya! Am I am inviting trouble from Tamil life savers? Just in case let me apply for a bail -- “வாழ்க தமிழ்”.

Anyways, Randaka Randaka Randaka, Randaka Yes I have been hearing this song for about 24 hrs on my "வண் கூடு" [athan than sir - Ipod] This song is by far the best song in the album that has very good vocals with a bouncy feel and genuine music. Just like in the IPOD commercial you would dance crazy for this song. I hope Shanker works out a kick ass video for this track.

I watched the America’s most clumsiest and crummiest show on TV, can you guess it?, Britney’s reality TV shame, Let me write a separate Blog reviewing this joke that airs on the WB network.