Various Ramblings

Starting on a wrong foot, suppose I join a company and comment about one of its presidents, Just say he is too old and we will not see the best of him again, how would every one react?. This is what Greg Chappell did yesterday commenting about Tendulkar. Even before his first day in office I don’t know why there was need for an incoming coach to comment on an ICON of Indian cricket. Sunil Gavasker last week commented on out going John Wright; according to him Wright was abused by few Indian players which triggered him not to renew his contract. John Wright has not complained officially to BCCI, but this message is from another Indian Icon, Sunil Gavasker. Hence we need to assume “there was some smoke”. I think having gone this far, Sunil Gavasker should list down the players who are accused of “abusing” the coach.
Weekend happened to watch a H.O.L.Y - C.R.A.P, I cannot write down the name of the movie, it is very inappropriate to mention I saw …… during the weekend. You would laugh at me or I may look cheap. I am really surprised that there are producers out there who could spend money on such celluloid C.R.A.P. There was no story, no logic, No Music, no idea or no creativity- bottom line- it had nothing that was associated with tasteful film making. They director set out to make the movie just for the reason has got the call sheet from the big hero and the ace comedian. Man, I could not stand even for 45 minutes. Keeping guessing the movie; to compensate this HC, I went and got the DVD of “Shark Tales” that features the voices of Will Smith and Robert Di Nero. Very good entertainment and the script for this movie is well written and deserves a special write up.
Star wars made more money and broke records. The main event of this part is, ANAKIN SKYWALKER [Luke Skywalker’s pithAJi, to know more about this Galactic Family tree click here, ] becomes the DARTH VADER. He gets to pick his masks and its associated asthma breathing. The most stupid star wars character - “AR JAR BINKS” the camel looking boring thing that suffers from no-humor but yet made to look funny syndrome. The irony is “The trilogy started of with Episode 4 called A New hope”., A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was really a kid, I saw this movie when we visited New Delhi in 1977-78 summer holidays. This was followed by 2 more, episode 5 and 6. Seeing the money inflow, Lucas then reverted back to Episode 1, 2 and now the 3rd and the final called “revenge of the Sith”. However,I am sure Lucas is planning for Episode 7. But before the Major 7th he would get out Minor 10th through 13. I should go to this movie this week at least. Review says the movie is filled with action.
Just like star wars I have a script for Tamil trilogy; “Muthalvan” Episode 1 called “The Politician Menace, How Raghuvaran grew up by seeing his dad, an evil politician. Little Raghuvaran gets to know the tricks in the trade. Then Episode 2, about Arjun, who drinks whole milk to develop strong muscles. Episode 3 - Attack of the MLAs where the Young Raghu joins the dark side. Episode 3a, Pazi vangum Politicians, this is not actually shot; we take lots of left over scene from Indian, Kadalan, Boys and cook a movie. Shankar Sir”, if you read this just one email will do, I can finish the script and over night it via FedEx.

Anyway, waiting for Anniyan, Trailer was very impressive. I am a big fan of Shankar and Vikram, hence I am expecting a good treat.

Good day