Ra Ra “chintaku” Greg Chappell Ra Ra

Ra Ra “chintaku” Greg Chappell Ra Ra, he is the next Indian Coach and will be so till the next world cup in 2007. His speculated salary was about 500k per year. The Australian gets to hit the jack pot at 56. The new in coming coach (s)elect has promised to dedicate his expertise to the better of Indian cricket for next couple of years. .

[No! he is not
running for election]

Greg Chappell lost some carrier mileage by playing for the Kerry packer world series; he was banned from playing for Australia during this period. What ever, he as good records as captain, his team was able to beat the mighty West Indian team under Clive Lloyd [75-76]. He has also provided consulting for the MRF pace foundation in Chennai. He retried from international cricket in 1983 – 84.after a scoring devastating 182 in Sydney against Pakistan. He does have very good cricketing record and deserves this job. Let us hope the best for the team. Welcome Mr. Chappell. Ps: I hope other candidates who appeared for the interview got their expenses statement cleared by BCCI

Donald Trump balanced the equation yesterday. For last 2 seasons it was all male pick, this time he chooses a lady as his next apprentice. Kendra, the center of attraction of the board room will be heading a billion dollar home construction in Palm Beach Florida. Teaming with Best Buy she organized a video game boxing challenge. Do you know her new salary? She would be making about 5 times more than a H1 Desi or to put it positively she would make about half of what Greg Chappell would be making in a year. The next season of the apprentice will feature Martha Stewart.

CSI, the top rated crime television serial in the country that airs on CBS; I watched it for few weeks, the good part was the teleplay or the screen play, it was simply excellent. The speed at which the story is told was quite interesting, audience will never be bored; However most of the perfect prediction made by the forensic detectives can be stringed together on a 10 feet organic banana fiber and a 1 basket full of freshly plucked “Crossandra infundibuliformis” [அதாங்க! நம்ப ஊர் கனக்காம்பரம்]. I feel Law and order more logical and believable than CSI.

Summer is supposed to begin officially this weekend. The weather here in DC has been quite horrible. The temperature here never went above 75f. at nights it slipped down to lower 50f. Almost a fall weather dull feeling. Coffee is the only thing that keeps me running. Have a good weekend folks.