We lost, in fact lost badly with record margins and totals. Morning session was totally pathetic; I have never seen such a shoddy bowling display from any India team of the past.

Dravid and Sehwag couldn’t face the new ball music. The only thing they had to do was go wicket less in the first hour. But they simply crumbled to the new ball, just as they did in the first innings. However all this will be forgotten or will be a tax deduction citing their previous achievements, why? We have Sachin to blame, and he will take all the blame - it is common practice in India. He is on really bad run agreed, but who was not in this tour?, Yeh! I know our make shift openers and others scoring more than 1500 runs on dead wickets!

Dravid would have come to sense with Gangully’s portfolio. Dravid cannot be Mr. Good or Mr. Nice; like his predecessor he has to show some metal aggression and attitude. Frankly Gangully never gives up this easily. To me Dravid captaincy was a big let down. I would blame this squarely on the captain. Having got Pakistan nailed at 38/6 Dravid failed to keep the pressure and the momentum. This clearly changed the game and tilted towards Pakistan. Dravid failed to command or direct his bowlers or the team. Instead we saw poor fielding placements and negative bowling tactics that donated plenty of runs. First and foremost, I did not see any game plan in place. May be bowlers let Dravid down, but still! It looked like more or less Indian team of 75-79 that faced Zaheer Abbaz and co.

Sachin walked in with the same pressure on his shoulders that he has been facing for past 15 years, he did blast few fantastic shots and started off well, however after VVS got out, the pressure tripled and his poor form got him. He went into a defensive mode and was soon bowled by ball that was a close enough to be called as a shooter. The ball kept very low than expected. Good for Sachin haters who will be celebrating just to see his wicket fall of a crude ball. Calculation being this would be the last season for Sachin. Having been fired from the one day squad, Gangully looked very good than all other players. He was solid with the bat [and the ball]. But for some reason he did not concentrate well enough. May be he lost his morale. Dhoni, Pathan and the rest of the tail were never interested to play. They seemed to be in a real hurry to give up the test. Indian team was bowled out in less than 60 overs, I think we have molded ourselves too much based on One Day Games.

Bottom line, Team India seems to lack morale in general. The drive seems to decrease day by day. Suggestions will flow to drop Sachin, yes he could be, and seriously I don’t see this team could do anything with or without Sachin. The problem lies else where, 50% bowling and 30% captaincy & tactics and rest to the batting line up and team selections - BCCI politics. Adding to all this, We have coach whose contribution till date is just to take part in BCCI politics and fight with Gangully or show fingers to spectators etc; , empty vessels make more noise. Chappel needs to come out of this Gangully cold war and other issues in order to prove he is worth the pay scale. Bob Wollmer shines more in my eyes, India Pakistan game is all about mental aggression and attitude, technique comes next. Indian team lacked this aggression and attitude in 80-90, however Gangully changed this well, but it looks like we are back to where we were 10 years ago. Dravid and Co now has the one day games to salvage pride. Let us hope for best.

Another big issue: ICC needs to take a serious note on Shoib Akthar’s bowling action, he chucks at an average of 3 balls per over. I see this from Afridi too. This has been already addressed by the Coach; Dravid should also raise concerns about this in public.

Ps: This morning the DC101 radio had calls from many about this loss, many was trashing the Indian team. The Radio guy did know cricket is such a big sport; the sentiments and emotions are very high now - even in DC.