Victorious team India back home, next task would be to trash our former rulers. Just waiting for the series to kick off, if dish network is going to loot me, I have no other choice other than to opt for web streaming. When someone on the web offers the same for $16.00, I would be forced to consider this offer; remember the so called legal version costs about 10 times. Hope Dish Network keeps my threshold intact.

Over the weekend it was movies Time! Just to relax a little bit from my busy recording schedule.

First to go was the Tamil version of the Sixth Sense. – ஆறு [Aru]. Learnt a bunch of new Tamil words and felt the power of our Tamil cultural dimension – Eg: “sketch podu” Way to go Hari, I was just wondering is there something else you can think other than violence, rowdies, goondas? Suriya is simply good, I have not seen anyone talking better in pure Madras lingo as he does, Aishwarya [not the Roy’s kid] does her little part well in being a political stage speaker with fantastic flow of cursing language in good old Madras Tamil. Having given a “A/R” certificate, why the hell mute swearwords? About 99.999999% could lip read her I don’t know why cursing is illegal in Tamil movies when they take great pains to show a person being kicked and finally stabbed using best cameras in the world, I feel cursing is really safe. Oh there was Trisha! Too she was busy selling cell phones. I have to agree the screen play was fantastic and fast, if not for screen play "வை" would be an automatic add to the title; Music Sri Devi Prasad, I never enjoyed the back ground score or to put it using the Simon’s way, this movie was way too big for his talent.

This was followed by another great movie, one liner cost saving review “தொட்டி சுட்டதடா கை விட்டதடா - budhdhi kettadhada nenjai thottadhada”. You are welcome to guess the movie. Background music Harris – Just split his name to get my music review. The villain guy was totally dumb and did not deserve so much speed and action. Just the hero could have “sketched him” or director could have used a sketch as the villain - Disney’s Goofy would be my choice. Just don’t book a villain just because he is 7 feet tall, get some one who knows to act. Oh! I forgot, Silambarasan dude was the power bar in the screen play.

After these 2 nonsensical movies, thinking I would compensate the loss with a Hindi movie, I watched Bluff master, seriously வாத்தியார் புள்ள மக்கு is proved here.Junior B was right royally pathetic, he was more a Senior B [B for biting or choose some other convenient words] the story was about Con artists, who have ??? .. damn! Just forget it. Totally silly, the acting made it worse. Not my cup of Oval.

Finally a relief came via, Kanda nal Muthal, a Tamil movie out of the odds. A Tamil movie without crude heroism, crazy racy plot, fruit punch dialogues and anti-gravity stunts. I simply liked this movie for its simplicity and originality. Excellent work by the director – Priya, While commendable performance by Prasanna and Lila [though she looked little older than Prasanna :)]. So good Tamil movies are still being made!, it seems this movie failed in the box office. What the heck I don’t know, still I would want the producer to make such movies, “Chellam Chellam” you should come up such movies! da!.

Finally, Vijay, Suriya, Ajith, and every other Tom, VP and Harry Indian movie makers out there, just stop using Cell phones to convey import plots in a movie. This is ridiculous, and boring; There are better methods. Using cell phones is worse than Nambi and MGR/Sivaji rendezvous in a disco light filled State of the art NDD[ Nambi's Digital Den]. Thangalada Sami. :)

Good day,