Winnings a series in/against Pakistan is some effort. Indian team going great guns!, in my earlier Blog I had mentioned about Dravid's Captaincy ,70% of today’s victory was achieved due to his Captaincy. He was very tactful and did not give up attacking. His fielding placements were near perfect. He had a game plan for every batsman. Karam Akaml’s wicket is an example. Raina was placed just in time for the catch, Raina also took a great catch with ease and perfection. Dravid also compensated for the drop catch in the earlier game; he took a fantastic slip catch. Congratulations to Dravid! A quick learning team lead - won an off shore series.

One player who deserves a permanent place in the team would be Suresh Raina, He is a class fielder on par with Kaif and Yuvraj. I would say his batting technique and temperament is much superior than many in the Indian team. In spite of few quick wickets, a minor hiccup Raina played with real comfort and temperament, and took India home!

Kaif, why are we persisting with him? His batting stance and his batting technique is flawed, often his ass is saved by his excellent fielding ability and on field flamboyance. However it is too costly to have a player just for fielding. Today he had a great opportunity to score some runs however played a pitiful stroke, thanks to his flawed batting grip. He tried to cut a ball that was pitched wide outside the off stump, but edged it to Inzi standing in slips; the distance between his right and left hand in grip seems to be the issue, it is very wide [long handle]; generally it is very hard to play a square cut using such grips. Even if he had timed well, it would take the aerial route to gully instead. When Coach talks about Gangully’s weakness etc, I am surprised why there is no cure to Kaif’s poor technique? It is time to drop him. We have better players in the reserves. More and Co have to open their mind.

Agarkar I would always guess his first over , very predictable. 70:30 first ball from him would be an over pitched lossener, that would go to the boundary; Agarkar has been given enough chances and he is very predictable and inconsistant, I think it is time to retire him. He does pick wickets by giving a truck load of runs.

R.P.Singh, one good thing about him is, he is totally unpredictable. Meaning he changes his line and length pretty well and makes the batsmen think. He picks wickets at ease, like Mudassar Nazar [Man with the golden Arm] . But today R.P Singh bowled 20,000 wides; For such in disciplined performance I request Dravid to make him run around the ground for 40,000 times atleast. Good part is he won the man of match, he got few vital wickets. He bowled well according to the game plan, bowling a short ball on the leg surprised few Pakistani batsmen. This line was totally new and we did not see this in the earlier games.

Sachin was out for Duck, Gautham Gambeer should have had some fatty food last evening; he played an incorrigible “fatty” stroke that donated his wicket, mostly his place too. Dravid played a winning knock and was given LBW, a very close call that could have gone his way.

Over all Indian team performance seems to improve day by day. I am very happy and pumped for the India England games; I am also waiting for Moin Khan’s prognosis and his esteemed advices to players who have scored 10 times more than him.

When the game started, I was shocked to see this guy in the middle, Who? Steve Bucknor. However his behavior seemed normal, might be his medications are working finally or may be changed his doctor. What ever!, Once again! Dravid & Co! This is the Way to Go!