Dumped! [#278]

Gangully Dumped! I feel it was a well planned coup by Greg Chappel and Co. When Kaif, whos performance was pathetic can be selected, I don’t see any reason why Gangully cannot play.

Recently in an interview Mr. More mentioned - it is not easy to replace somebody with a track record like Anil Kumble, so! What happened to the track record of one Mr. Gangully? I am no Gangully Flag Bearer; still I feel BCCI has dumped a player without considering his past experience and contribution. He was never given enough time to reinvent himself. I don’t know what justification Dravid, or Chappel or More would offer for picking Kaif in the squad. One good thing, Agarkar has been left out Whew! I can be happy for it until he “over-oils” someone and gets back into the team. Zaheer Khan was also shown the door, it was about time.

Congratulations to Sreesanth, Raina, they found their way into the Test Squad. This will do a lot to their talent. Munuf Patel needs to be considered, I feel he would be a better choice than R.P.Singh. Hope lady luck similes once again for Singh.

Inzi has been doing a whole range of Soap operas and bottled nose crying; Poor Inzi! That’s all we can say. If Pakistan needs to win - Inzi needs to bat up the order and face the music. Bob Wollmer’s ridiculous idea of hiding him from swing and seam should be thrown to the dustbin.

Finally more "Dumped" news!

US consulate in Chennai has rejected Visas to 2 Indian Scientists. First it was Mr. Goverdhan Mehta, former Director of the Indian Institute of Sciences, Banglore. Washington posts reports that he was dumped for not filling some questioners. [read it here], The incident has also caused embarrassment at the highest reaches of the American scientific establishment, which has worked to get the State Department to issue a visa to Goverdhan Mehta, who said the U.S. consulate in the south Indian city of Chennai told him that his expertise in chemistry was deemed a threat. - - The Washington Post.

Next one in the order was scientist P C Kesavan, New India Press Reports, that scientist P C Kesavan, holder of the Department of Atomic Energy’s Homi Bhabha Chair on Nuclear Science and Rural Society at the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation has been denied a Visa.

Indian community in the US is generally trouble free, their on and off shore contribution to this US economy is very clean and vital. I really feel bad when we are treated in this way every time for a Visa. Can some one from the State Department provide a sane answer for such treatments? Hope President of India [a nuclear scientist] addresses this issue next month to the visiting US president [who finds it hard to pronounce the word nuclear].

Good day!.