I wish Woolmer had passed this message to his team and used it against India, or who knows his obedient Bowlers did not use the methods he prescribed. What ever, Yuvi has scored runs while Tendul also did the same. Woolmer game plans for Pakistan is almost identical to old South African team, I use to call it Blade batting - too dry cricket or IT industry “primary object would be - some how save your ass”. Ex-Pakistani Cricketers have sharpened their axes and are ready to throw at Inzi. This includes Amir Suhal who lost to Zimbabwe couple of years ago. I feel Bob Woolmer will take more pounding than Inzi.

Pakistan fell to Rahul's captaincy - Javagal Srinath (PTI) February 17, 2006
At times, captaincy is just not all about picking the right eleven or doing the right moves on the field. It is also important of captains winning the right toss at the right time. To translate the strategies discussed in the team meeting into realities on the field, winning the toss sometimes become a highly crucial factor....I have always viewed that a captain should have the extra luck to win the toss. I don’t care what methods he uses [ofcourse:anything other than fixing]; perform Yaga or go get a boon from Siva or Vishnu or use any white or Red or black magic I really don’t care; somehow Dravid has to keep winning the toss, period. This becomes a must in a crucial game. Dravid’s captaincy has certainly taken a big turn in this last one day game.

Finally something not to do with Cricket , yes once in a while :)

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