Another Win! A great one, in spite of pathetic fielding in the first hour, India trashed its arch rivals. Sreesanth should have realized why the position behind the bat was named Slips, Indian kept dropping some vital catches and denied any wicket to him. The slip area was as slippery as DC and NYC sidewalks today. “வாங்கி வாங்கி விட்டாங்கோ” more or less winter Olympics.[சறுறுறுறுறுறுறுக்கல் வழுழுழுழுழுக்கல் ]

R.P Singh’s opening over kind of ensured 700 runs, however he came back good and with some luck stolen from Sreesanth, he got few vital wickets.

As good as its gets– Irfan Pathan - His bowling works now. He claimed the wicket of Salam Butt again in the opening over. His batting however did not come good, ball was swinging than the usual and he got out to an unplayable ball.

Worrying factor - Dravid Captaincy seems to be a little bit out of essence, based on his field placements even I was able to guess the bowlers line [at 2.30am] , line was too predictable;

Our National Waste Ajith Agarkar , his first over is usually reserved for Lord Vinayaka [Usually he breaks about 6-7 coconuts in the first over] For once right from ball number one he bowled a tight line, but he went in with an injury. Agarkar was replaced by Super-Sub rather [Super-கப்பு] Gab Zaheer Khan, his four overs of sweet drops added about 20,000 runs right away. I have seen 1/2 கோழிs [kozis], however never seen 1/4 கோழி [kozi]. Zaheer did the needful. He went on to land few on his foot and got injured, while he came close to drop it right on umpire's foot atleast twice. Chris Broad might fine him for Obstructing the umpire., Zaheer needs to be consistent either being "pathetic" or "being good".

Batting was very hard for the Indians in the first hour; new Ball was moving and troubling the batsmen. As expected Gautam not so Ghambeer did not do much, His foot work was more or less a guessing game, he was totally uncomfortable. Seriously I miss Gangully

Sachin on the other end, a genius under such conditions, played very well to see the new ball off. He played a very good knock; a cover drive - best shot till now in entire series. This is the Sachin of 90s I know, it was so authentic and no one moved. During the previous ODI, Dean Jones mentioned Sachin has started watching his own batting from older games to learn what he is missing in recent times. Today knock was rock solid and should shut his blind critics for some time; their usual stupid “he has never won for India” will be checked for some time. I wish he had scored his 100;

Why Kaif? I really doubt his technique and I think he should go out.

Yuvraj is in an awesome form, took over from where he left on Saturday; played a fantastic innings that made Sachin’s score and opening stand a meaningful one.

Dhoni – one word “கூபாம்கபிம்”. Period. He was never in trouble even for single ball just whacked every bowler who dared to bowl. Rana was the principle donor. Dhoni made sure India was home, from an asking rate 6.x he got it down to 3.x, the real power play, Kadafi stadium became a temporary slaughter house.

Finally, Rameeze Raja was nose crying all through and he could take a Pakistani Loss, the best nose cry call came when Afridi got out; Holding is a sitting irritation, he was complaining too much on Indians every now and then. While Waqar was more balanced than the two, but India “losted” the test, the Sachin, The Dravid were his sound bites. Dean Jones after Pakistan innings mentioned that regardless of pitch condition that game is tilted towards India and they would win this game with overs to spare. Hearing this Rameeze Raja turned into "The Incredible Hulk" and was seen kicking people around the stadium. He was cooled down by Gautam not so Ghambeer's wicket.

2 games during the weekend was worth, I saw the third one too "கூபாம்கபிம்
At down under"