Fragile! [#280]

The Touring English team eats too much and few players suffered the usual Delhi Belly – [also called as “The Manchester மசக்கை”], I am surprised with these injuries and sickness.

It all started with Giles, since he could not recover from his back surgery, he withdrew from the tour. The soon Shaun Udal, Simon Jones, Monty Panesar and Ian Blackwell go down with a stomach bug [Manchestar மசக்கை] on the eve of second practice game; Paul Collingwood's back injury rules him out altogether. This was followed by another bizarre incident, Vaughan the English captain withdraws from the warm-up match, while the charismatic Kevin Pietersen retires hurt with a back problem.

Then Vice-captain Marcus Trescothick announced that he is leaving the tour for undisclosed personal reasons. Next day, This bizarre situation reached its peak when English star performer Jones twists his knee [Again!] , now he would fly back home with Captain “Vaughan” for treatment. This is getting really fishy; Coincidence or what? Now the anchor man - Flintoff is caught in the raw deal, leading a weaker side, and yes be branded as underdogs. This also increases pressure for Rahul & Co. Hope the English get their full strength from the next test.

No Broadcaster in the US has announced about the coverage. I think Nimbus Communication is very professional in dealing these telecast issues. Rather than court solving it, Nimbus people acted pretty quickly and sealed deals with Sky [UK coverage], with DD for the terrestrial rights and gave Sahara One the Cable/Satellite Rights. I have never seen this happen before; usually broadcasters would fight with DD and go to the court. Nimbus is really professional or the new BCCI committee is working?

I wish Nimbus offers cricket for a lower cost in the US also, by now many have opted to see the games using various live web streaming where matches are offered for a flat fee that is less than $20. You just need a broad band connection and a free media player. Seriously, I am willing to pay up to $5 per test matches and $10 per one day games to watch it on TV, if anything more my economics will be hurt. Remember, we have lot more cricket this year and next year.

I just heard this over the wire, during the drinks break - along with Gatorade, BCCI has plans to provide the English team with few ounces of Maalox, Gelusil-MPS, Ibuprofen or few natural therapy like herbal Oil massage etc.

Good day.