Todays Blog - [#277]

As you can see my Blog now has a fresh layout, hope you like my new “hand writing”.

American idol seems to gain momentum; My vote: Contestant number 10. Once again, Simon reviewed with perfection. Many traded insults with him, and contestants settled their accounts, they were quite bold to take him on. Frankly if not for Simon this show would not have produced high quality vocalists. Other two judges have emotional left and right ventricles, they give up too quickly. “Trying to be nice” attitude often hinders a technical selection process, and makes it more subjective.

Talking of Subjective sport, Winter Olympics - does any one care? NBC has spent more than 300 million, in this information age, I really don’t know how they manage this delayed coverage mela. International Sporting actions must be seen live, recording it and playing it on prime time with added “sentimental” speeches will not work. NBC will be taking over Sunday night football; damn I hope they don’t emotionalize it, meaning, NBC producers assume every thing they produce must be like Date-Line. Their thinking process is completely DateLine’ized. Even this time Olympic coverage had lots of “emotional stories”, Oh! And Yas!” these kind of alternative Date Line versions sinks the sporting speed and thrill right royally; I stopped watching Olympics - NBC is one main reason.

Been listening to Rang De Basanthi for about a week now, I would rank “Roobaroo” as the best song in the album; (a) this song has a unique format. (b)The chorus lines are sung by Rahman (c) Kind of Simon and Garfunkel feel (d) Song recording - the whole instrument track has Phaser effect. (e) Nice and fresh backing vocals ideas.
-- My One line review - Rahman is simply amazing.

Good day.