All set for the next one game,

• I wish we bounce back, at least the bowlers. A bowler who took 14 wickets is currently sitting at home for some unknown reason. While someone like Agarkar is still playing, trying to establish his so called all rounder image.

• “Calls to Drop Sachin” have been shut down temporarily, Thanks to his century.

• I feel Indians would be pumped up after Inzi’s nonsensical childish outpour in public.

• Moin’s and Inzi’s stupid hypothesis on sporting spirit, crookish behavior etc received tons of prima facie counter evidences to prove where Pakistan stands when it comes to sportsmanship. Sachin Run out in Eden Gardens and Gangully’s Catch in Chennai topped the list.

• For Inzi - Playing for 16 years/ 100 or more tests, I do not know how he was able to in public that “I really don’t know the rules” Ignorance is no defense; Inzi & co should get it clearly.

• Moin Khan - it is about Time to upgrade your memory chip – from PC000000.001 TO at least PC-133SDRAM. You seem to have a very poor and pathetic Gajini memory when writing, or may be your Ghost writer is Rip Van Winkle’s great grand son who woke up just this year. You mentioned Sachin and Dravid were afraid to face Sohib’s bowling, well dude, the world knows how you played the last over of day in the previous serious.

• Dravid magnanimity - here is another proof – the decision was well within rules and it was not appropriate for Inzi to fuss about it, Indians can complain to the ICC for such blunt remarks from a responsible captain, however Dravid has mentioned that it would spoil the good spirit in the series;Indian team will take a higher road and drop the case right there. Way to go guys.

• Sunil Gavasker has told categorically stated that ICC would be watching every bowler. Just one time clearance is not a permanent license Gavasker further told it is an on going process and bowlers would be always under the lense. This should put an end to Shoib’s great desire to sue people when someone comments on his action. Looks like he is missing the 2nd one day too, Kind of makes me think - is he avoiding the game just for not to be caught?

• Let us see What Viru does this time. ony only plea is Bowlers have to bowl a tight line.

• Damn! Heavy snow predicted in DC over the weekend. still Have a great weekend :)