Duck hunted the Indians - Officially we lost game on the computer.

Sachin should retire, Sachin should be dropped these were the major point of discussion around various groups and Blogs. But today Sachin played! A fantastic knock, and made his bat do the talking; proved his worth, Sachin strike rate was in 90s in when he was ruled out, it was a GBW rather. The ball hit his glove and then the pad. Run rate was almost 7.00 when he walked out. But our great Middle order crumbled and did not capitalize the over rate [7 runs per over].., Why Kaif? His batting stands looks pathetic, with such weak stance he did not seem to have any power to hit the ball, in fact Zaheer could take his slot and slog better than him.

Coming to the bowling attack? What? - I meant Indian bowlers were Attacked and Muggged.I think I have seen the worst bowling ever attack from an Indian team. First Prince of “donkey drops” Ajith Agarkar, averages above 50 runs - in bowling per innings, he manages to claim few tail wickets and some how nails his place in the team. KiranJi, kindly tell the world – on What basis you picked Agarkar and dropped Gangully – If you say on performance? I assume this to be some other performance – simply not cricket. I am also considering suing Waqer Younis, time and time again he was saying Agarkar can bat. Lets be clear about this - his bat does not even wash cloths; and his stinking bad-line and bad-length – gave Pakistan very many number of hatrick boundaries at regular intervals.

In the previous tour Indians had one Mr. Balaji who bowled quite well, however like proxy server IP, his whereabouts are unknown. V.B.Chandrasekar - only guy from Tamil Nadu in the Buffoon club of India [Previously known as Selectors club], - this dude did not find place in the Indian team now a selector, what next?

The funniest incident in the game was Inzi’s decision Inzi drove the ball to mid off and took off for a run, non-striker sent him back, the fielder [Raina] threw the ball which would have hit the stumps and Inzi was little short of the crease. However InZuBhai blocked the ball with the bat as though he was playing Shane Warne! Indians appealed, and he was given out – Obstructing the field. He was very upset and animated, he had to go out.

With great opening stands from Sachin, Pathan, and Dhoni we had fantastic recovery from the blown out test series. When Sachin was given out the run [LBW for a Glove and Pad] the run rate was 6.9 – 7.00, following batsmen like Kaif, failed to capitalize on this scoring rate, and our Bowlers! that’s all the quality we have in 1 Billion.? I would change the selectors also in this process and Dear Mr. Roll the Ball Coach - Get ready to face the music, this time you don’t have Gangully to Bank on. Gangully! This man must be laughing; he does deserve a place in the team. I wish not be Dravid now.

Steelers won! They did not play as expected, however I feel they won the super bowl few weeks ago. Beating Colts and Denver on road is almost a super bowl victory. Sea hawks missed some easy chances, could have won it, if and buts etc! Bottom line today Steelers are the NFL champions. Some network called them as world champions and made fool of world. World champs are award only for a world level competition not to national level champions. Applying that same rule Utter Pradesh would be the current World Ranji Champions. The ABC coverage - Dolby Digital sound mixes was very poor and the over all coverage was not that good, direction was very average. And the much hyped commercials, total waste of money and lack of idea, may be it is time to outsource this to India 