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ICC vs. the Indian Coach
The International Cricket Council has warned India coach Greg Chappell to refrain from making any comment on the bowling action of Pakistani pace man Shoaib Akhtar or face disciplinary action.-
Will ICC take on the unruly Australian crowd for what they did to Murali?

Kiran More [Interview in Rediff.com] - Q: Are you happy with the bowling we have? Yes. Why not? Our medium-pacers and spinners both have bowled very well in recent years!I see, then where is the pace bowler who bowled well in recent years? We call him Balaji?

More adds further - Even in the third and final Test against Pakistan, our new ball bowlers bowled exceptionally well in the first innings and had the hosts in all sorts of trouble when they lost their six frontline batsmen with only 39 runs on the scoreboard –
Kiran Dude! 10 wickets that makes an innings not 6 Or who knows some buffoon from your panel told them 6 wickets is enough to retain the place in the side.

What do you have to say about Sourav Ganguly, his inclusion and omission from the team and all the controversies surrounding him? - No comment, please! -- Dude Aren’t you paid to handle such comments? Oh! Damn it is an honorary job right. Gangully is truly an outstanding cricketer says Kiran More. Why did the hell you dropped him then?

The network builders are spending a fortune constructing and maintaining the networks that Google intends to ride on with nothing but cheap servers," Thorne told a conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. "It is enjoying a free lunch that should, by any rational account, be the lunch of the facilities providers" - John Thorne, a Verizon senior vice president and deputy general counsel

I was reading about this on the Post this morning

Network companies want to charge Google or Yahoo for the free Ride, He claims that companies like Google or Yahoo are riding free on their network infrastructure and they have been benefiting from these network infrastructure and servers without paying for them while the owners of such network services are spending heavy to maintain them; Their claim is Google, Yahoo and other such Internet services should have to pay fees for preferred access to consumers over such lines.

Here is my view, Assume you build a huge courier service company that uses every busy road in the city, you serve millions of customers every day, your trucks and vans ply all over the city making uses of the local roads. Now can the local Government or municipality or some private body who has leased the road maintenance wants to collect money from the owners of the courier service in order to share the cost in maintaining the road ways, the same roads ways using which the courier company earns millions. Verizon wants to collect some kind of toll for every network passage?

Google is making millions hence they can afford the toll, however what is the deal when it comes to smaller search engines? A big can of worms when opened.

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