It appears that the Indian team was desperate to win the game by hook or by crook, no matter even it came at the expense of the norms of this sport known as the gentleman's game. I don’t blame Suresh Raina for throwing and then appealing. He is new to the game and his enthusiasm is understandable. But the backup by skipper Rahul Dravid is deplorable. - Moin Khan

Wow! Empty vessles does make more noise. Where did this the so called norms vanish when Shoib Akthar threw a beamer at VVS and adding to the great sportsmanship he walked away without offering an apology. Where was Moin when this happened? till date he never mentioned about this conduct; may be due to his medical condition - temporary amnesia [aka Ganjini Syndrome]? Oh Yah! I know, he was busy drawing a career graph for one Mr. Tendulkar. During Shoib’s Beamer mela What did their captain do?, did he come and apologize to VVS?

Moin Khan Get this message clear, what Inzi did was ridicules and in fact Stupid. He goes and proves this stupidity in the presentation ceremony, “he does not know the rules”. And then makes it is big deal during the press meet. Remember Till date he has not apologized for what Shoib did when he was hit for 3 boundaries Shame! On him; Let me tell you the way he blocked ball did look intentional, the rule book clearly states that such acts are out and get this, Dravid did not decide it, it was the umpires who decided it was out. First get this, Inzi has to know the rules and play the game. And Dravid did the right thing in a tight game assume if Dravid or Sachin did the same I am sure entire Pakistan would have appealed.

Indian media is giving Moin too much free space to publish his moronic opinions. When it comes to sportsmanship we Indians are million light years ahead - so just shut the @#@# up Moin;