We are all set for an eXtra Large weekend of sports activities on TV. First it would the super bowl followed by the one day game between mentally & physically wounded India team vs. The pumped up Pakistan team.

I have no prediction for the Super Bowl XL, I just like to see Steelers win. Often in the past the team I assumed to be the favorites tend to lose badly, I guess this is due to the one week rest time they get after they reach the super bowl. This can reduce their game flow due to heavy eating and other things going around the celebrations. Just a wild speculation;

Indians cricket on the other hand have been the talk of the town everywhere, Sachin Tendulkar took most of the Whacking; I watched his game again yesterday [recording], you know what! He was never beaten even once in both the innings. He did look solid and as good as before, yes I am sounding biased but this the truth which most seemed to have missed. Anyway we need to look forward and take care of 5 one day games.

One day games are different all together, we might see a mentally fit and changed Indian line up. I feel Dravid due his over load seem to lose his concentration, he should gain back his focus and forget his captain role when he bats. I have never seen him tentative when facing Shoib Akthar. Bowlers have to bowl well, they cannot drop their shoulders down, Irfan’s speed is a concern. His speed seems to be reducing day by day, he was in the range of say - a Car then got down to a 100 cc bike now it is close to a TVS-50, he needs to be checked before he reaches the Luna /Mofa Level, [Wow! the good old Luna or Mofa - great mopeds just needs a ink filler full of gas to function. It used run 2 extra miles just by smelling petrol fumes.] Irfan's shoulder needs tinkering as they are getting weak. Viru has to fire, we should not write off his failures every time by saying “that’s how he plays”, he has come out this and stop using this weakness as handicap options for every game.

And finally, I am sure even Sachin haters would agree - Sachin loves and respects the game of cricket than most in India, as fans we need to trust his capacity. The day he feels he does not do justice to this game I am sure he will step down.

Critics’ trash talking on Sachin, or Gangully or Dravid –a perpetual habit after every game. We cannot stop it. Just think for a second - who is a critic? Someone who claims to know the direction but cannot or will not drive; only when driving we know the hardship. Let us roll and shout "Go India" and ofcourse "Go Steelers"

Have a great weekend.

Ps: If you are still interested Gangully is back home and should be watching the game on DD sports, yes they seem to have won a deal by paying a nose bleeding amount to ten sports.